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Four Sons of Dasaratha.jpg
Sumitra gives birth to twins (centre, top)
Epic Ramayana

Sumitra (Sanskrit: सुमित्रा, IAST: Sumitrā) is the third consort and the queen of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya among his three wives.[1] She is the mother of twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna as mentioned in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.

She came from the ancient Kingdom of Kashi. She is considered as the wisest amongst the wives of Dasaratha. She is said to be the one who encouraged Lakshmana to accompany Rama and serve him during his exile. Sumitra often helped Dashratha with his problems.[2]


Sumitra is known as, Tamil: சுமித்திரை (About this sound listen), Burmese: Thumitra, Malay: Samutra, Khmer and Thai: สมุทรเทวี Samutthra Thewi).

Portrayals Of Sumitra In Mass Media[edit]

Sumitra has been portrayed by several actresses television adaptations of Ramayana:

Year TV series Channel Country Played By
1986-87 Ramayan (1986 TV series) DD National India

Rajni Bala

2008-10 Ramayan (2008 TV series) NDTV Imagine India

Sangeeta Kapure

2015-Present Siya Ke Ram Star Plus India Sampada Vaze


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