Sumiyoshi Station (Tokyo)

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Z-12.png S-13.png
Sumiyoshi Station

Entrance A2 in July 2008
Location Kōtō, Tokyo
Coordinates 35°41′21″N 139°48′58″E / 35.689091°N 139.816132°E / 35.689091; 139.816132Coordinates: 35°41′21″N 139°48′58″E / 35.689091°N 139.816132°E / 35.689091; 139.816132
Operated by
Platforms 4 side platforms
Tracks 4
Structure type Underground
Other information
Station code S-13, Z-12
Opened 21 December 1978
Sumiyoshi Station is located in Tokyo
Sumiyoshi Station
Sumiyoshi Station
Location within Tokyo

Sumiyoshi Station (住吉駅, Sumiyoshi-eki) is a subway station in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan, jointly operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei) and Tokyo Metro. The station numbers are Z-12 for the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and S-13 for the Toei Shinjuku Line.[1]


Sumiyoshi Station is served by the following two lines.

Station layout[edit]

  • B1 level: Concourses
  • B2 level: Ticket halls/gates; Toei Shinjuku Line platforms
  • B3 level: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line platform 1 (for Shibuya)
  • B4 level: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line platform 2 (for Oshiage)

Toei platforms[edit]

The Toei Shinjuku Line platforms in June 2016

Two side platforms serving two tracks. Here, passengers must choose their direction before passing through the ticket gates.

1 S Toei Shinjuku Line for Jimbocho, Ichigaya, and Shinjuku
Keiō Line for Hatsudai, Hatagaya, Meidaimae, Chōfu, and Hashimoto
2 S Toei Shinjuku Line for Ojima and Motoyawata

Tokyo Metro platforms[edit]

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line platform 1 in June 2016

Two side platforms, one above the other.

1  Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line for Otemachi and Shibuya
Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line for Chūō-Rinkan
2  Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line for Kinshichō and Oshiage
Tobu Skytree Line for Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen
Tobu Isesaki Line for Kuki
Tobu Nikko Line for Minami-Kurihashi

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Toei Shinjuku Line S13
Express: Does not stop at this station
Kikukawa S12 Local Nishi-ojima S14
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Z12
Kiyosumi-shirakawa Z11 - Kinshicho Z13


The station opened on 21 December 1978, initially served by the Toei Shinjuku Line only.[2] The Tokyo Metro platforms opened on 19 March 2003.[2]

Surrounding area[edit]

Sumiyoshi Station is located about 15 minutes' walk away from Kinshichō Station, one of Kōtō, Tokyo's largest shopping areas and also lies in close proximity to Sarueonshi Park.

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