Summer Heart

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Summer Heart
Summer Heart Live in Oslo.jpg
Summer Heart performing live in Oslo
Background information
GenresDream pop, lo-fi, indie pop, hypnagogic pop, electronica
Years active2011-present
LabelsPerfect, Texture, Sommarhjärta, Fastcut Records
Associated actsFews, Holy Fuck, Death in the Afternoon, Sameblod, Stella Lugosi

Summer Heart is a Swedish dream pop act and the solo project of singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist David Alexander. He is best known for his nostalgic lo-fi sound[1]

Summer Heart was formed in 2011 just after David Alexander returned to Sweden. His first release, Please Stay EP (2011), gained a lot of attention in the blogosphere. It was topping Hype Machine's charts and got positive reviews in newspapers around the world such as The Guardian and The Star.[2][3][4]

After his songs were being picked up by several TV and movie production companies, one of Summer Heart’s tracks ended up on NBC TV-series Whitney, which garnered him many listeners outside the blogosphere.[5]

Although Summer Heart is a solo project, Alexander is most often seen on-stage together with friends.[6]

Alexander is a vegan.[7]



Singles and EPs

  • Please Stay EP (2011)
  • "Never Let Me Go" (2011)
  • My Forever Smile EP (2011)
  • "Hit Me Up Again" (2013)
  • "Sleep" (2014)
  • "Thinkin of U" (2015)
  • "The Forbidden" (2016)


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