Summer Love (1958 film)

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Summer Love
Directed by Charles F. Haas
Written by William Raynor
Herbert H. Margolis
Starring John Saxon
Molly Bee
Jill St. John
Music by Henry Mancini
Cinematography Carl E. Guthrie
Clifford Stine
Distributed by Universal-International Pictures
Release date
  • March 10, 1958 (1958-03-10) (Sweden)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Summer Love is a 1958 comedy film directed by Charles F. Haas, written by William Raynor, starring John Saxon, Jill St. John, Judi Meredith and Molly Bee.[1] It is rated 6.4/10 on the IMDb.[2] It is a sequel to the 1956 film Rock, Pretty Baby.


Jimmy Daley and his band mates, Mike and Ox, land a performing date in Lake Tahoe, California. His father, a doctor, gives his approval, although he is concerned about Jimmy neglecting his education for music. Joan Wright, his girlfriend, is sorry to see Jimmy leave, but he gives her a bus ticket and invites her to come visit.

To their surprise, Jimmy and Mike discover that Ox has booked the band at a summer camp where the musicians are also expected to work. The band is joined on stage by Alice, a very good singer, while Mike cheers up even more at the sight of beautiful girls in the audience, in particular Erica Landis, whose many admirers accompany her.

Jimmy's in for more surprises. His parents show up, on vacation, bringing along kid sister Twinkie, who's just 14 but eager to begin meeting boys. Joan also arrives, in time to jealously see Erica making a play for Jimmy. Equally envious is Mike, who is head over heels in love with Erica.

Ox falls for Alice, the singer. Twinkie gets a crush on a teenaged horse trainer. As for Jimmy, who has been resisting Erica's aggressive advances, he finally shows an interest in her, whereupon Erica cools off, having made another conquest. Jimmy and Joan patch things up, and the Daleys return home from their summer adventure.



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