Summer Party

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Summer Party
Studio album by Lee Jung Hyun
Released July 10, 2003
Genre Pop
Length 47:16
Label Yedang Entertainment Company
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Summer Party

Summer Party is a Kpop album by Korean singer Lee Jung Hyun. Is considered less than an official album and is numbered 4.5 by fans, since is perceived more as a long EP with remixes than a complete album with new material. This album was sold with a VCD with music videos.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Stage 1.Summer Party
  2. Summer Dance
  3. Ya!
  4. 악어 (Crocodile)
  5. Tell Me
  6. Stage 2.Trance Party
  7. Summer Dance (Trance Mix)
  8. Ya! (Hardcore Trance Mix)
  9. 악어 (Crocodile) (Dream Mix)
  10. Tell Me (Hyper Trance Mix)
  11. Stage 3.Non Stop Party+Non Stop Mix
  12. See You Next Time