Summer Rain (2006 film)

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Summer Rain
Directed by Antonio Banderas
Produced by Antonio Banderas
Written by Antonio Soler
Starring Alberto Amarilla
María Ruiz
Raúl Arévalo
Fran Perea
Félix Gómez
Victoria Abril
Music by Antonio Meliveo
Edited by Mercedes Alted
Distributed by Sogepaq
Release date
1 December 2006
Running time
118 minutes
Country Spain
United Kingdom
Language Spanish
Box office $2,411,526

Summer Rain, aka El camino de los ingleses (literally, Englishmen's Road) is a 2006 film directed by Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. The film based on the novel of the same name by Antonio Soler, who also wrote the script for the film.

Plot summary[edit]

The film takes place in 1978 in Málaga (Spain), and depicts the life of teenager Miguelito Dávila (Alberto Amarilla), who, after suffering from kidney disease and spending some time at the hospital, has learned such classic poetry as Dante's Divine Comedy and dreams of leaving his job at a hardware store and pursuing his dream of becoming a poet.

One summer, he hangs out with his childhood friends Babirusa (Raúl Arévalo), Paco Frontón (Félix Gómez) and Moratalla (Mario Casas), until he meets a girl called Luli (María Ruiz) at the swimming pool, and the two start dating. Luli would love to become a professional dancer, and is best friends with "La cuerpo" (Marta Nieto), who fancies Miguelito's posh friend Paco. The two couples spend time together swimming, and gradually they experiment with other distractions.

Miguelito meets later an older teacher (Victoria Abril), who is interested in his talent, and begins an affair with her around the same time that Cardona (Antonio Garrido), an older and apparently richer man, starts courting Luli with the promise of helping her career as a dancer.


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