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In the entertainment industry, a summer hit is a song that is released and peaks in its popularity during summer.[1] These songs rose in popularity during summer and thus classify as summer hits. In some years, a single pop song will gain widespread international popularity during the summer holiday season, becoming that summer's definitive summer hit in many countries. Many of the best-known summer hits emerge from outside the British and American pop music industries.

The equivalent of summer hit in France is the tube de l'été (summer tube), an expression that exists since 1960s which became more commercially used by the late 1990s.

Songs that are marketed to be summer hits are very common, and often feature an upbeat tempo and descriptions of things such as relaxation outdoors and beach parties. These are songs considered ideal listening during summer activities. These intentional summer hits are most common in country (particularly country pop) and mainstream popular music but are much less common in rock.

The opposite of a summer hit in the music industries of the Northern Hemisphere in the West would be a Christmas song, a category that usually incorporates general winter songs as well.

Examples in the US[edit]

In 1999, Mi Chico Latino by Geri Halliwell, is a summer hit in serevals countries.


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