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Summit Pacific College
MottoSince 1941
TypePrivate undergraduate and graduate seminary, or Bible college,
49°03′16″N 122°19′41″W / 49.0545°N 122.3280°W / 49.0545; -122.3280Coordinates: 49°03′16″N 122°19′41″W / 49.0545°N 122.3280°W / 49.0545; -122.3280
AffiliationsAssociation for Biblical Higher Education; Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Summit Pacific College (formerly Western Pentecostal Bible College) is an undergraduate seminary, or Bible college, on a foothill of Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. It is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and is the theological college of the BC & Yukon District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Programs and majors[edit]

Summit Pacific College offers undergraduate degree programs in Biblical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Church Ministries, Intercultural Studies, Music Leadership, Youth Leadership, Not for Profit Organizational Leadership, and Counselling Foundations. These programs are either two-year Certificate programs or four-year Degree programs. SPC is accredited by the ABHE and chartered by the government of British Columbia. Additionally, Summit Pacific College is affiliated with Trinity Western University of Langley, British Columbia. Summit Pacific College offers their graduates Certificates, Diplomas and bachelor's degrees. The bachelor's degrees are: Bachelor of Arts In Religion and Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.).

A popular program Summit Pacific College is the one-year Certificate program, OMEGA. The OMEGA program is an overseas missionary program. OMEGA has a strong focus on the Biblical idea of personal discipleship, emphasized by mentoring with professors, academic study and Christian ministry outreach with small group involvement.

Summit Pacific College recently added graduate level studies with the introduction of School of Graduate Studies. Being strongly committed to the future development of their curriculum, The School of Graduate Studies currently offers courses from five core areas related to Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada credentials. These areas of study are Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Pentecostal Theology/Distinctives, Pentecostal History, and Pastoral Theology. Completion of these five courses will lead a student to receive a Graduate Certificate from Summit Pacific College, but they also function as core courses for the Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership degree offered through Southeastern University, the partner university. The Dean of Graduate Studies is Dr. Riku P. Tuppurainen.

Campus and Facilities[edit]

The Eric A. Hornby Memorial Academic Building[edit]

This building houses several campus facilities: the majority of the college's administrative and faculty offices, including the President, Dean of Education, Dean of Students, Business Administrator, Omega Global, and Enrolment Services; seven classrooms; the college bookstore; and a student lounge.

In the spring of 2010 the college completed a building program that added the Revival and Learning Centre to the newly renovated Academic Building providing new classrooms and faculty offices.

The L. T. Holdcroft Residence[edit]

Constructed in 2001, this four-story building can house 140 students (70 double rooms) spread over three floors. Each room has two single beds, built in desks, chairs, and a walk-in closet. A full washroom is shared between two rooms. These three floors also have designated prayer rooms, laundry rooms with coin-operated washers and dryers, and lounges equipped with a gas fireplace. The 3rd and 4th floor lounges have full kitchen facilities (i.e., stove, fridge and microwave). The lower level houses the offices of the Campus Chaplains, a board room and a 160-seat cafeteria which opens onto a large patio. A TV room with amphitheatre seating, a games room equipped with ping pong and pool tables, as well as rooms for storage are also located on this level.

The Lorne Philip Hudson Memorial Library[edit]

Constructed in 1988, the library houses a collection which now totals more than 100,000 items, including books, CDs, newspapers, magazines journals, musical scores and DVDs. The library also has an extensive archival collection of items pertaining to the college and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. The library includes a digital database of its collection, with remote access, and several public access computers. The Library hosts its own web site (, including access to the library database and to electronic books, journals, newsletters, audio recordings, videos and reference web sites. The library exterior was completely refurbished in 2013 along with extensive renovations to the interior.

The Mary Ellen Anderson Memorial Chapel[edit]

Constructed in 1986, the 350-seat chapel features a stained glass window. The chapel contains storage rooms adjacent to the platform and a sound room. The basement houses faculty offices, a classroom seating forty, a music lab, recording studio and seven music practice rooms. The chapel was completely refurbished in 2010.

During major social events, the gymnasium is often converted into an auditorium, and is used for graduation reception dinners, Christmas functions, and the like. The building is named after the former British Columbia Minister of Highways, Phil Gaglardi and his wife.

The William J. Friesen Residence[edit]

This four-suite apartment contains three three-bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom apartment and a common laundry room. Depending on individual needs either married or single students may be housed in the suites.

The Vernon R. Morrison Residence[edit]

This sixteen unit apartment contains nine one-bedroom and seven two-bedroom suites. Although smaller than the standard size, the second bedroom in the two-bedroom suite is adequate as a child's room or as a study. The building also has a lounge, a laundry room and individual storage lockers. Depending on individual needs, either married or single students may be housed in the suites.

The Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Memorial Gymnasium[edit]

This building doubles as a college size gymnasium with room for spectators and an auditorium seating up to 600 people. College banquets are held in the gym at Christmas and Graduation. It also houses an exercise/weight room and washroom/shower facilities. Significant upgrades were completed in 2013.

Student life[edit]

Campus life is a large part of Summit Pacific College's 'experience' and all students are required to be in dormitories, with some exceptions, notably in the case of off-campus family and married students. Summit Pacific College has three housing facilities; The L.T. Holdcroft building is the largest and newest building, while the Morrison building is an older building, holding married students and overflow students from the L.T. Holdcroft. The third housing building mentioned is the Friesen building, a fourplex for married couples and their families. Both professors and students occupy the Friesen and Morrison buildings.


Summit Pacific College employs a Residence Leadership authority structure, where selected students take on the responsibilities of a Resident Supervisor or Resident Assistant. In the authority structure, the Assistants answer to the Supervisor, who is responsible to answer to the Dean of Students. In the 2006/07 school year, there were two Supervisors (one male, one female) and ten Assistants (five female, five male). The L.T. Holdcroft building has six wings, three of which house female students, and three of which house male students. Two Resident Leaders live in each wing and are responsible for encouraging social activities in each wing, often through the use of Wing Events.

In addition to the Residence Leadership, the Student Council is also a working force in student life, and is given a large scope regarding their duties and responsibilities. There is a Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, in addition to the positions of Social Committee Director, Missions Society Director, Commuter Students Coordinator, Yearbook Editor - these are all positions held by students attending the college.


There is a cafeteria in the L.T. Holdcroft building, and all on campus students are required to participate in a meal plan through this cafeteria. Each day has set meals and these meals are presented in a buffet style. The cafeteria does cater to special needs such as food allergies, dietary concerns, and the like. The option of eating off-campus also exists, but transportation not provided by the College is required. The bookstore in the Academic building sells some snacks in addition to their normal wares.


Summit Pacific College is a Christian seminary, training pastors, ministers, and other workers for full-time ministry, church vocation or the not for profit sector. The College is strictly defined as Christian Protestant Evangelical Pentecostal in belief, structure and theology. Since the College is Pentecostal, the work of the Holy Spirit is stressed as a personal way in which God works to use and disciple the individual.


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