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Summits On The Air
Summits On The Air logo
FormationMarch 2, 2002; 17 years ago (2002-03-02)
FounderJohn Linford, G3WGV
PurposePromoting portable amateur radio operation from summits
Official language
John Linford, G3WGV
Subsidiaries168 active associations as of November 2019

Summits On The Air (SOTA) is an amateur radio operating award program launched in Great Britain in 2002. SOTA's aim is to encourage licensed amateur radio operators to operate temporarily from mountainous locations,[1] combining hiking and mountain climbing with operating their amateur radio station from the summits of hills and mountains.

Activating Monte Zuccone in Italy on 2-meter band
Activation of Roter Knopf on Shortwave, VHF and UHF

Those who set up a station on a summit (usually for a few minutes to a few hours) are known as activators,[2] and those who contact ("work") activators on summits are known as chasers.[3]

Points are awarded to the activator for operating from ("activating") a summit, and to each of the chasers contacting ("working"[4])[dead link] the activator. The higher the mountain is, the more points the activator and each chaser receive. An activator must make a minimum of four contacts to claim the points for that particular summit. The highest ever Summits on the Air activation reported was in February 2019 by Polish amateur radio operator Tom Rudzinski (SQ9FVE), who successfully operated from Aconcagua in Mendoza, Argentina.[5][6][7]

Amateur radio contacts between summits, referred to as summit-to-summit, are considered special achievments.[8]

The program has attained worldwide popularity, and videos of activations can be easily found on YouTube.[9]

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