Summoner Wars

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Summoner Wars
Developer(s)Plaid Hat Games
Platform(s)iOS, Android
ReleaseJuly 4, 2012 (iOS)
May 15 2014 (Android)

Summoner Wars is a videogame developed by Plaid Hat Games and Playdek, and based on the 2009 board game of the same name.[1] The iOS version was released on July 4, 2012.[2] The Android version was released on May 15 2014.

Critical reception[edit]

Aggregate score
Review score
TouchArcade4/5 stars[4]

The game has a Metacritic score of 86/100 based on 5 critic reviews.[3]

Gamezebo said "Summoner Wars is to become the flagship title in the case for digital board games. It's cheaper. It's prettier. Less hassle. Perfect multiplayer that allows you to play as often as you like. If you're a fan of strategy games, this is a must-buy. And even if you're not, the game is free to try, and you have nothing to lose."[5] Pocket Gamer described the game as "A complex, but accessible, card-based strategy game that combines elements of Magic: The Gathering with Risk and Stratego."[6] Eurogamer wrote "It's hard not to feel Summoner Wars is a great game, verging on superb, that's held back by a highly polished but functionally thin app.[7] TouchArcade said the game was "A must-have for gamers who want more tactical maneuvering in their CCGs or more customization in their strategy games. However, its flaws and the price point for full buy-in mean that it's not for everyone, but being free to try and having a flexible IAP system means that it's worth checking out either way."[4]


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