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Sumol + Compal S.A.
Sociedade Anónima
Industry Food and beverages
Predecessor Sumolis S.A.
Compal S.A.
Founded 2008 (2008)
Headquarters Carnaxide, Oeiras, Portugal
Number of locations
Area served
Europe and Africa
Key people
António Sérgio Eusébio (Chairman)
Duarte Pinto (CEO)
Products Sumol, Compal, Sucol, Tagus, Frize, Um Bongo and Água Serra da Estrela
Services Manufacturing, marketing and bottling
Number of employees
Divisions Sumol + Compal Marcas
Sumol + Compal Distribuição
Sumol + Compal Mozambique

Sumol + Compal S.A. is a Portuguese food and beverages company specializing in soft drink production and bottling. The company's principal activities are the manufacturing, marketing, bottling, selling, exporting, and distribution of various types of beverages, such as soft drinks, juices, nectars, bottled water, beers, and other related products. It also has operations in the sectors of plastic and glass bottle manufacturing. Their brands include Sumol, Compal, Sucol, Tagus, Frize, Um Bongo and Água Serra da Estrela.

It was founded in 2008 through the merger of Sumol (founded in 1945 as Refrigor) and Compal (founded in 1952), two leading Portuguese companies with a long history.

Sumol + Compal operates in Europe and Africa. Its head office is in Carnaxide (Oeiras) and it has factories in Almeirim, Gouveia, Pombal, Vila Flor and Boane (Mozambique).


Frize, one of Sumol + Compal's brands

Soft drinks[edit]

  • Sumol
  • Sumol Zero
  • B!
  • Blendz

Juices and nectars[edit]

  • Compal Clássico
  • Compal Light
  • Compal Fresh
  • Compal Vital
  • Essential Compal
  • Um Bongo
  • Compal 100%

Water and beer[edit]

  • Água Serra da Estrela (spring water)
  • Frize (carbonated mineral water)
  • Tagus (beer)
  • Grolsch (beer)

Canned vegetables and tomato[edit]

  • Compal da Horta

Distribution brands[edit]

  • Lipton Ice Tea (soft drink tea)
  • Gallo (olive oil)
  • Ucal (chocolate milk drink)

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