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Sumukhi Suresh
Sumukhi-Suresh final.jpg
Suresh performing
Born (1987-10-18) 18 October 1987 (age 31)
Years active2014–present
GenresSatirical, Deadpan

Sumukhi Suresh (born 18 October 1987) is an actor, stand-up comedian, writer and director from India.[1] She is popular for writing and acting in comedy sketches, creating viral videos on YouTube, starring in a movie and creating a web series for Amazon Prime India.[2] In an article, the media portal, Hindustan Times, has called Sumukhi Suresh "India's Tina Fey".[3]

Early life[edit]

Sumukhi was raised in Nagpur. She finished her graduation from M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai. Sumukhi moved to Bengaluru in 2009 and started working at Hippocampus, a Children's Library. She then worked as a Chef and then eventually at a food laboratory.

In 2013, Sumukhi joined The Improv,[4] which was an improvisational comedy show in Bengaluru, while working at the Laboratory. Along with the rest of the Improv team, Sumukhi performed in 100 shows in Bengaluru, Dubai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Sweden.[5] In 2015, she quit her full-time job to start a career in comedy.[6][7]


Sumukhi's first video was Anu Aunty- Engineering Anthem with Varun Agrawal. She then did the Maid Sketch with Sanjay Manaktala as the boisterous Parvati Bai. Sumukhi rose to fame after portraying the character of 'Sumukhi Chawla', an NGO employee, in India's first mokumentary style YouTube series—Better Life Foundation.[8][9] Sumukhi has performed comedy shows with Naveen Richard, the writer of the show Better Life Foundation.[10] She also gained popularity for her property "Disgust Me" a by invite, women-only stand-up comedy show.[11]

After getting appreciation for her role in Better Life Foundation, Sumukhi launched a video series called Behti Naak on her own YouTube channel. In the video series, she plays Behti Naak - a 10-year-old girl with deadpan style of humour.The videos became viral.[12]

Sumukhi was approached by Amazon Prime, India to make a web series. Pushpavalli, created by Sumukhi Suresh, was released on December 15 on Amazon Prime in India and received positive reviews.[13][8] The show is directed by Debbie Rao and stars Naveen Richard, Manish Anand, Preetika Chawla and Shraddha.

Sumukhi has acted in Humble Politician Nograj a political satire Kannada film in 2018. She plays the role of Lavanya, wife of the Nograj (Danish Sait).[14]

Stand on feminism[edit]

In India, where stand-up comedy shows are generally dominated by men,[15] Sumukhi is known as one of the very few successful female stand-up comedians.[2][16]

However, Sumukhi has spoken against the tag. In an interview with Verve magazine, she was quoted as saying,

Comedy, like any other industry, comes with a set of challenges that you have to face, regardless of your gender. Creating regular content, writing as much as possible and drawing a crowd for your shows are some of the many points on your checklist. Then why was it that when I achieved even one of them, I was lauded for being able to do so "as a woman" and also congratulated for being the first woman to have done that? While initially you enjoy the attention, soon enough you should want to be the best at what you do and not be limited by your gender. Thus I gave myself the goal of becoming the best comic rather than best ovary-producing laughter generator. The only way for me to break gender bias and related discrimination is by being so good at my work that I am unavoidable.[17]


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