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The highway in Mambugan, Antipolo

Sumulong Highway, constructed in 1960,[1] is the highway in the Philippines that connects Marikina[2] with Antipolo and the municipalities of Teresa and Morong in the province of Rizal. It was named after Don Juan Sumulong, a former President of the Democrata Party.

Near the boundary of Antipolo with Marikina the highway meets the Marikina-Infanta Highway,[3] the highway that connects Metro Manila with the northern towns of Infanta and General Nakar in the province of Quezon. It is sometimes referred in media as the "killer highway" [4] due to the number of accidents that have taken place on it.[5]


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Coordinates: 14°37′1″N 121°8′7″E / 14.61694°N 121.13528°E / 14.61694; 121.13528