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SunPCi card with 400 MHz processor

SunPCi is a series of Single Board Computers with a PCI connector that adds hardware which enables Sun workstations to act as an 'PC compatible' computer. It includes an x86 processor, RAM, expansion ports, and an onboard graphics controller, allowing complete x86 operating environments on Sun Workstations. Its present incarnation is the SunPCi IIIPro based on a Mobile 1.6-GHz AMD Athlon XP 2100+ processor. These cards are the successor to the SunPC series of SBus cards.

Operating System Support[edit]

The Sun PCi IIPro is currently (as of September 2006), supported by Solaris 7, 8, and 9, but using some tricks can work on Solaris 10.[1] The Sun PCi III and IIIpro are supported by Solaris 9 and 10 (with appropriate updates), and most recent OpenSolaris releases.


  • SunPCi (300 MHz p/n 375-0075) (not officially supported on Solaris 9/10)
  • SunPCi (400 MHz p/n 375-0095) (not officially supported on Solaris 9/10)
  • SunPCi II (600 MHz p/n 375-0131)
  • SunPCi IIpro (733 MHz p/n 375-3051)
  • SunPCi III (1.4 GHz p/n 375-3116)
  • SunPCi IIIpro (1.6 GHz p/n 375-3203)

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