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The Orchid Pavilion Gathering as depicted in an 18th-century Japanese painting.

Sun Chuo (traditional Chinese: 孫綽; simplified Chinese: 孙绰; pinyin: Sūn Chuò; Wade–Giles: Sun Ch'o) (320-377) was a Chinese poet of the Six Dynasties poetry tradition. He was one of the famous participants of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering, along with Wang Xizhi, and a large group of other scholar-poets, in 353 CE, in Shan-yin (now part of the modern province of Zhejiang). Sun Chuo is also famous for a fu upon the topic of Mount Tiantai, as well as his pioneering work on Chinese landscape poetry[1] He was considered the foremost man of letters of his day.[2]


One of his well-known poems was simply titled "Orchid Pavilion".[3]

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