Sun Daolin

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Sun Daolin
Background information
Chinese name 孫道臨 (traditional)
Chinese name 孙道临 (simplified)
Pinyin Sūn Dàolín (Mandarin)
Birth name Sun Yi-liang
Born (1921-12-18)December 18, 1921
Beijing, China
Died December 28, 2007(2007-12-28) (aged 86)
Shanghai, China
Occupation Actor and film director
Years active 1940s-2000s

Sun Daolin (simplified Chinese: 孙道临; traditional Chinese: 孫道臨; pinyin: Sūn Dàolín) (December 18, 1921 – December 28, 2007) was a Chinese actor and film director.


Sun Daolin was born in Beijing (then named Peiping) on November 18, 1921. He was born Sun Yi-liang 孙以亮 in Beijing a family of four children. His father Sun Wen-Yau (孫文耀) was trained as railroad engineer in Brussels, Belgium. His mother Fan Nian-Hua(范念华) and father both are originally from Jiashan, Chekiang. He along with all his siblings learned to speak English since grade school. He attended Yenching University, but his studies in philosophy were interrupted during Sino-Japanese War. During the War he was active in patriotic activities including stage acting and he was jailed briefly by the Japanese Puppet Regime. He received a degree in philosophy in 1947.[1]

His career had spanned much of recent PRC history. One of his earliest roles was in director Zheng Junli’s Crows and Sparrows, a polemic on the corruption of the Nationalist Government just prior to their defeat in the Chinese Civil War. After 1949, Sun continued to act, notably as the eldest brother in an adaptation of Ba Jin’s novel, Family.

Sun Daolin is one of the most famous actors for the 1950-70's movie goer generations in China. Some four decades ago, to many Chinese, he was an idol and perfect Mr. Right for all unmarried women at his time.

In the 1980s, Sun began to focus increasing energy on directing. In 1983, he wrote, directed and starred in the well-received Thunderstorm, based on the play by Cao Yu. His second try behind the camera was 1992’s The Stepmother. After his semi-retirement he was active in poetry, Hamlet, Schubert songs. He was at several international film festivals and as late as the 1990s.

Sun died in Shanghai on December 28, 2007 at the age of 86. At his service 1,000s of fans paid the last respect. He is survived by his wife Wang Wenjuan, a Shaoxing opera actress and a daughter Sun Qingyuan (孫慶原), one grand child. Wang was best known for her performance in "The Dream of the Red Chamber".[2]

Selected filmography[edit]

As actor[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1949 Crows and Sparrows 乌鸦与麻雀 Hua Haozhi
1950 Min zhu qing nian jin xing qu 民主青年进行曲
1955 Scouting Across the Yangtze River 渡江侦察记
1955 Nan dao feng yun 南岛风云 Han Chengguang
1957 Family Chueh-hsin
1957 City Without Night 不夜城
1958 The Eternal Wave 永不消失的电波
1961 A Revolutionary Family 革命家庭
1963 Early Spring in February 早春二月
1977 Spring Celebrate the collapse of the Gang of Four
1979 Li Siguang 李四光
1982 The Go Masters 一盘没有下完的棋 partly filmed in Japan
1983 Thunderstorm 雷雨

As director[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1983 Thunderstorm 雷雨
1986 The Provisional President 非常大总统
1992 The Stepmother 继母


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