Sun Down/Sun Rise

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Sun Down / Sun Rise
AB12 coverJESU.png
EP by Jesu
Released 2 February 2007 (Japan)
23 April 2007 (Worldwide)[1]
Genre Post-metal, experimental rock, ambient, shoegazing, electronica
Length 32:42[2]
Label Aurora Borealis, Daymare
Producer Justin Broadrick
Jesu chronology
Sun Down / Sun Rise (EP)
Jesu / Eluvium

Sun Down / Sun Rise is the fifth release by Jesu.

The EP was released on 12" colored vinyl in two limited formats through Aurora Borealis Records on 23 April 2007.[1] The EP had seen a prior release as a bonus CD appended to the Japanese version of Conqueror issued via Daymare. It has subsequently seen a second pressing via Aurora Borealis and Hydra Head in different colors. The photo on the cover of the album is by Seldon Hunt.

According to Broadrick's blog, it was originally intended for an end of 2006 release,[3] prior to the release of Conqueror (which was projected for early 2007 in the same entry).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sun Down" - 17:30
  2. "Sun Rise" - 15:12



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