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Sun Electric are an electronic music group from Berlin. Their first release was the single "O'Locco" on the Wau! Mr. Modo label in 1990, with numerous subsequent releases on the R&S / Apollo labels throughout the following decade. The band has been influential within techno, trance, ambient and intelligent dance music (IDM) genres; alongside contemporary artists such as Björk, Orbital, and Future Sound of London, they are known as some of the pioneers of IDM in Europe.[citation needed]

Principal members of the band are Tom Thiel and Max Loderbauer, with Thomas Fehlmann acting as executive producer on all their releases. Notable releases include Kitchen (1993), Aaah! (1994), 30.7.94 Live (1994), Present (1996), and Via Nostra (1999). The band have also recorded under the name S.E. Berlin.

The band has worked with graphic artist and videographer Nick Philip on their music videos, and their video "Meccano" was created for and the first video to be played on the MTV series Amp.[1][2]


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