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Sun Management Center is a system monitoring solution from Sun Microsystems.

Sun Management Center (Sun MC) is a systems management and monitoring tool for enterprise-wide management of Sun servers, desktops and storage devices. It provides in-depth monitoring of Sun hardware and the most comprehensive set of metrics for the Solaris OS, including support for Solaris Containers.

Sun MC was originally named Sun Enterprise SyMON, and was co-developed by Halcyon Monitoring Solutions, Inc.

Protocols used[edit]

  • SNMP v2usec (optional encryption libraries), v1 and v3 (compatible)
  • HTTP with SSL
  • RMI
  • TCP/IP for Probe Connections (adhoc commands)

Agents available for[edit]

Halcyon provides addons to extend it to monitor 3rd party applications and devices such as:

Integration with other monitoring tools[edit]

Halcyon Monitoring Solutions, Inc. provides the following integrations for Sun Management Center

  • IBM Tivoli with Tivoli on any system
  • HP Openview
  • Micromuse Netcool
  • Generic Framework Integrations

Available add-ons[edit]

  • Sun Cluster
  • All Sun hardware
  • Performance Reporting Manager for historical reporting/graphing
  • 3rd Party Applications Monitoring and Extensions from Halcyon

Sun MC Partners[edit]