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Sun Records was a jazz record company and label created by Sébastien Bernard in 1971, in order to distribute the label Center of the World Records, begun by the Free Jazz Quartert Center of the World. The quarter consisted of saxophonist Frank Wright, bassist Alan Silva, pianist Bobby Few, and drummer Muhammad Ali.


Cat # Album Leader Year
102 Solos & duets Frank Wright, Bobby Few, Alan Silva rec. 7501–7511
103 Solos & duets [vol. 2?] Frank Wright, Bobby Few, Alan Silva rec. 7501-7511
105 Live in Europe, vol. 1 Noah Howard rec. 1975
106 Solo Kent Carter, w/ Claude Bernard rec. 7510 & 7609
108 Patterns Noah Howard rec. 7110
109 Night music Takashi Kako rec. 741121
112 Tapestry Ted Daniel rec. 1977
113 Secrets from the Sun Joe Lee Wilson rec. ca. 1977
114 Parisian Concert, vol. 1 Archie Shepp rec. 1977; later issued as Impro 01
116 Ghilgoul Yochk'O Seffer rec. ca. 1978
117 Parisian Concert, vol. 2 Archie Shepp rec. 1977; later issued as Impro 03
118 [Live in Europe?] Archie Shepp rec. 1979; later issued as Impro 05
119 [Invitation?] Archie Shepp with Siegfried Kessler Trio rec. 1979; later issued as Impro 04
01 Few Comin' Thru Bobby Few rec. 770929
02 Shouting the blues Frank Wright, George Arvantias rec. 771212
03 The Shout / Portrait from a Small Woman Alan Silva rec. 7811
04 Kevin My Dear Son Frank Wright rec. 7810
COTW001 Center of the World Frank Wright Quartet rec. 720526
COTW002 Last Polka in Nancy? Frank Wright Quartet rec. 731010
COTW003 More or Less Few Bobby Few rec. 7311
COTW004 Adieu Little Man Frank Wright & Muhammad Ali rec. 7404
COTW005 Inner Song Alan Silva rec. 7409

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