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Sun State Roller Girls (SSRG)
League logo
Metro area Brisbane, Queensland
Country Australia
Founded 2007
Teams Swarm (travel)
Stripe Force (referees)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Digi Roller Skating Rink, Hillcrest
Affiliations Skate Australia, WFTDA
Org. type Incorporated; Not-for-profit

Sun State Roller Girls (SSRG) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing and promoting the sport of women's flat track roller derby. SSRG was established in 2007 and is based in Brisbane, in the Australian state of Queensland.[1]


Sun State Roller Girls was founded in 2007.[2][3] In March 2007, the league held a public demonstration bout at Sportsmotion, Slacks Creek, as a recruitment drive.[citation needed] By 2010, membership of the league was over 170.[4]

Sun State Roller Girls has had 3 league splits — with members leaving to form new leagues. Northern Brisbane Rollers (in January 2008[5]), Gold Coast Roller Derby (in October 2008[6]) and Brisbane City Rollers (in January 2009[7]) all formed out of splits from Sun State.

Eight of the league's skaters were members of Team Australia for the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup.[8] Team Australia finished 4th overall.[9]

Organisation and governance[edit]

Sun State Roller Girls is one of several leagues in the Brisbane area.[10][11] The league focuses on representing skaters in Beenleigh and Logan.[3] One of the league's organisational missions is to promote the empowerment of women and to improve the health, well being and personal growth of women in the area.[3] The league is only open to female skaters, but males participate in the league in organisational positions.[3]

The league is a volunteer run, not for profit organisation[12] governed by a Committee that meets monthly and includes elected positions such as: Secretary, Treasurer, Team Representatives and a Non-Bouting Member Representative. Several positions are held by appointment, including Sponsorship Officer, Fundraising Officer, Media Officer, Head Official, Non-skating Official Coordinator and Head Coach. The Sun State Roller Girls annual general meeting is held in October of each year.[13]

In July 2012, Sun State was accepted as a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Programme.[14] Sun State became Australia's second full members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association in June, 2013.[15]


The league hosts intraleague bouts and has a travel team that competes in interleague bouts.

Interleague competition[edit]


In July 2009, Sun State played its first interleague bout against Victorian Roller Derby League("VRDL"). In the first Queensland interleague bout, "South vs North" on 28 November 2009 at the Beenleigh Arena, Sun State defeated Northern Brisbane Rollers ("NBR").[16]

Date[16] Win[16] Lose[16] Score[16]
4 Jul 2009 Victoria Sun State 117 - 99
28 Nov 2009 Sun State NBR 164 - 124


In 2010, the league competed in the Great Southern Slam, Australia's first roller derby tournament. After defeating Woollongong and Townsville/Brisbane City Rollers in the preliminary pool rounds, the Sun State Roller Girls defeated local Brisbane rivals Northern Brisbane Rollers in the quarter finals. They met and defeated Adelaide Roller Derby in the semi finals,[16] before losing to the Victorian Roller Derby League in the dying seconds of the grand final.[17] The tournament saw Sun State emerge as the highest ranked team in Queensland.[18]

Date[16] Win[16] Lose[16] Score[16]
12 June 2010 Sun State Woollongong 178 - 16
12 June 2010 Sun State Townsville 168 - 7
12 June 2010 Sun State NBR 184 - 28
13 June 2010 Sun State Adelaide 124 - 60
13 June 2010 Victoria Sun State 78 - 76


In 2011, the league played a number of interleague bouts. The 30 April 2011 re-match between Sun State and Victorian Roller Derby League at the Gold Coast Convention Centre was billed as the derby grudge match of the year in Australia by Skate Australia.[19] Victoria won the game to continue their undefeated record against Sun State.[20] On 6 August 2011, Sun State defeated the Canberra Roller Derby League at the Australian Institute of Sport.[20][21][22] After a last minute cancellation from a New Zealand league, the Brisbane City Rollers ("BCR") played Sun State on 27 August at the Beenleigh Arena, with Sun State being victorious.[16][20] Sun State defeated the Sydney Roller Derby League on 22 October at Sydney Olympic Park.[16][20][23]

In November 2011, Sun State competed in and won the inaugural Tropicarnage Cup, a Queensland roller derby tournament which attracted nine teams from across the state.[24] Sun State progressed through their first game against Reef City Roller Girls (Cairns) before playing Townsville Roller Derby in the tournament semi-finals. Sun State defeated Northern Brisbane Rollers in the Tropicarnage Cup final.[20]

In late November 2011, Sun State competed in their first international bout, competing against Rat City Rollergirls from Seattle, Washington, in the first game of a double header played by Rat City against Sun State and Northern Brisbane Rollers.[25] Rat City, unofficially ranked number 5 in the world at the time, strongly defeated Sun State.[16][26]

Date[16][20] Win[16][20] Lose[16][20] Score[16][20]
30 April 2011 Victoria Sun State 124 - 93
6 August 2011 Sun State Canberra 181 - 48
27 August 2011 Sun State BCR 360 - 26
22 October 2011 Sun State Sydney 257 - 61
19 November 2011 Sun State Reef City 195 - 30
19 November 2011 Sun State Townsville 204 - 52
20 November 2011 Sun State NBR 253 - 44
26 November 2011 Rat City Sun State 232 - 56


In 2012, the league competed in the second ever Great Southern Slam (TGSS), as well as competing in several other interleague games. The interleague season commenced on 24 March 2012 with a rematch of the 2011 game between Sun State and Canberra Roller Derby League at the Beenleigh Arena, with Sun State again defeating Canberra convincingly.[16]

This was the only interleague activity before TGSS on 9–11 June 2012. On the first day of TGSS, Sun State recorded solid wins over Geelong Roller Derby League and South Seas Roller Derby, advancing to the quarter- and semi-finals held on the second day of the tournament.[27] In the quarter final, Sun State controlled Sydney Roller Derby League to advance to an afternoon semi-final against the Northern Brisbane Rollers, defeating them in the closest game between the two leagues since 2009 and advancing to the Grand Final against Victorian Roller Derby League.[28] The Grand Final was a hard-fought battle, with Victoria coming out on top, cementing Sun State's rank at second in the nation.[16][29]

Date[16][20] Win[16][20] Lose[16][20] Score[16][20]
24 March 2012 Sun State Canberra 238 - 98
9 June 2012 Sun State Geelong 131 - 62
9 June 2012 Sun State South Seas 193 - 13
10 June 2012 Sun State Sydney 195 - 94
10 June 2012 Sun State NBR 159 - 110
11 June 2012 Victoria Sun State 198 - 115

Intraleague competition[edit]


Sun State Roller Girls first season was between two teams: the Golden Roughs ("Roughs") and Liquorice Short Shorts ("Shorties").[30] Three public intraleague games were played in the 2008 season, beginning on 13 September 2008, with the Liquorice Short Shorts winning on all three occasions.[16]

Date[16] Win[16] Lose[16] Score[16]
13 Sep 2008 Shorties Roughs 140 - 102
11 Oct 2008 Shorties Roughs 100 - 96
8 Nov 2008 Shorties Roughs 149 - 119


The Roughs and Shorties met six times in the 2009 season, with the Golden Roughs taking the season title – winning four bouts to two.[16] Audience numbers grew to over 1500 per bout.[12]

Date[16] Win[16] Lose[16] Score[16]
7 Mar 2009 Roughs Shorties 134 - 129
18 Apr 2009 Roughs Shorties 135 - 125
30 May 2009 Roughs Shorties 104 - 100
7 Aug 2009 Shorties Roughs 137 - 116
19 Sep 2009 Shorties Roughs 144 - 125
31 Oct 2009 Roughs Shorties 139 - 109


2010 was the final season in which the Sun State Roller Girls featured the Golden Roughs and Liquorice Short Shorts teams.[31] Six regular season games were played as well as a grand final on 27 November 2010, with the Roughs again victorious four bouts to three.[16]

Date[16] Win[16] Lose[16] Score[16]
13 Mar 2010 Shorties Roughs 119 - 96
24 Apr 2010 Shorties Roughs 174 - 76
5 June 2010 Roughs Shorties 92 - 88
21 Aug 2010 Roughs Shorties 99 - 87
18 Sep 2010 Roughs Shorties 130 - 83
30 Oct 2010 Shorties Roughs 111 - 101
27 Nov 2010 Roughs Shorties 116 - 111


In 2011 the Sun State Roller Girls dissolved the Golden Roughs and Liquorice Short Shorts, and the skaters were reallocated into three new teams — the Defiants, Vandals and Furies.[31] Six games were played during the intraleague season, with each team playing the other teams twice.[16] The grand final was played on 17 December as a double header bout, with the third place Furies playing Newcastle Roller Derby League before the grand final was played between the Defiants and Vandals. The Furies defeated Newcastle, and the Vandals were crowned the 2011 winners.[16]

Date[16][20] Win[16][20] Lose[16][20] Score[16][20]
12 Feb 2011 Defiants Vandals 137 - 87
2 Apr 2011 Vandals Furies 152 - 48
21 May 2011 Defiants Furies 178 - 109
23 Jul 2011 Vandals Defiants 129 - 101
10 Sep 2011 Furies Vandals 106 - 52
8 Oct 2011 Furies Defiants 132 - 60
17 Dec 2011 Furies Newcastle 120 - 58
17 Dec 2011 Vandals Defiants 149 - 99


In 2012, Sun State added a fourth team to their intraleague competition, the Riots.[32] The season was expanded to 12 games, plus a third place playoff and grand final, to be played throughout 2012.

Date[16][20] Win[16][20] Lose[16][20] Score[16][20]
19 Feb 2012 Vandals Defiants 120 - 88
10 Mar 2012 Riots Furies 233 - 147
1 Apr 2012 Defiants Furies 229 - 126
21 Apr 2012 Defiants Vandals 170 - 135
13 May 2012 Furies Vandals 161 - 84
26 May 2012 Defiants Riots 130 - 115
24 Jun 2012 Furies Riots 138 - 130

Contributions to the community[edit]

Sun State Roller Girls is active in the local community. One dollar from each intraleague bout ticket sold goes to a local charity.[12][33] In 2009, the league was invited to welcome international students to Brisbane at the City Council's 'International Student Day' expo. League members helped run the Dress for Success official name-change fundraiser. The league donated $1000 to Southside Education School For Girls and $5000 to Dress for Success.[34] In 2010, the league held a shoe/handbag/jewellery drive, helped run a fundraising gala for Dress For Success, and raised $250 for The Brain Foundation (on behalf of the Brisbane Zombie Walk[35] ) and donated $7500 to Fitted for Work.[34] In 2011, the league organised a group blood donation for the Australian Red Cross, where league members donated blood while wearing the popular Sun State "Give Blood, Play Roller Derby" T-shirt.[36]

Media coverage[edit]

SSRG was featured in Roller Derby Dolls, a half-hour documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).[2][37]

Major sponsors[edit]

In 2009 and 2010, the major sponsor was Sin City Skates.[citation needed] In 2011, the major sponsors were Masson Music, Digi Roller Skating Rink, The Gem Hotel, White Horse Audio and Sin City Skates.[citation needed]

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