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Sunaina 2008.png
Directed by
  • Glenn Baretto
  • Ankush Mohla
Opening theme "Sunaina" by Shazneen Arethna
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 23[1]
Running time 30 minutes (with commercials)
Original network Pogo
Original release 25 May[2] – 26 October 2008

Sunaina is a television series aired on Pogo channel.[3] The show revolves around a 15-year-old girl Sunaina who has an ability to see the future in her dreams and follows the misadventures by those dreams.[4][5]


  • Palak Jain as Sunaina V. Mathur
  • Umang Jain as Nina Kutty
  • Jayshree Soni as Ritika Bhattacharya
  • Devansh Doshi as Sohail Shaikh
  • Mridula Sathe as Swagatika
  • Kalika Vatnani as Ms. Malpekar
  • Kaustubh Thakare as Rohan
  • Lalit Parimoo as Principal Shastri
  • Pragati Mehra as Geethika V. Mathur
  • Nitesh Pandey as Vijay Mathur
  • Markand Soni as Rishabh V. Mathur


  • Sunaina Mathur is played by Palak Jain. She is a 15 year old girl who studies in 11th standard. She is an average student. She is having a special ability to watch some events in her dream which are indirectly related to future. She is always jealous of her cousin Swagatika. She appears being very confused as she always thinks of her dreams and gets lost in them. Similar to all the girls, she also likes Rohan and tries to impress him.
  • Nina Kutty is played by Umang Jain. She is one of Sunaina's friends and also the smartest of them. She usually do not believes on Sunaina's dreams but often helps her in fulfilling them. She is very strong and angry too. She is the most irritated guy due to Sohail and often beats him sometimes.
  • Ritika 'Ritu' Bhattacharya is played by Jayshree Soni. She believes on Sunaina's dream. She is a little foolish, very coward and a little nervous too. She immediately believes on Sunaina's dream and starts to think positive or negative according to her dream.
  • Sohail Sheikh is played by Devansh Doshi. He is a much foolish boy who always thinks himself to be the most smart, handsome, strong and genius boy of the school. He always tries to earn more and more money in order to become rich. He is weak in everything like studies and fighting. Girls don't like him as he always irritates everyone and get them bored. He is so jealous of Rohan as girls like him. He calls Sunaina, Ritu and Nina as Thakelas, Chirkoots, Damodars or Ganapats.
  • Rohan Randhawa is played by Kaustubh Thakare. He is the most handsome, strong and dashing boy of the school although being foolish and being average in studies. Every girl likes him and wants to spend time with him. Whenever he wants something like pen or bicycle, each girl somehow manages to give him that herself pushing other girls behind. He is in a different section from that of Sunaina and Ms. Malpekar always orders him to get out of their section.
  • Swagatika 'Suggu' Sharma is played by Mridula Sathe. She is the cousin of Sunaina.She is the most clever student of the school. She always tries to impress the teachers by praising their activities, specially Ms. Malpekar, although she doesn't like her in reality. Her nature is so villainous and she always tries to fail Sunaina's plans. She has a big crush on Rohan.
  • Ms. Malti Malpekar is played by Kalika Vatnani. She is commonly known as Ms. Malpekar. She is the Maths and science teacher of Sunaina's class. She is very strict. She is unmarried and hates anyone calling her Mrs. Malpekar, which mistake is always done by Principal Shastri. She gives a lot of homework to her students which let them to hate her.
  • Principal Shastri is played by Lalit Parimoo. He is the principal of Sunaina's school. Although he is not so strict and students usually don't fear of him. He is so forgetful and always takes a long time to remember everything. He always calls Ms. Malpekar as Mrs. Malpekar annoying her. He is from Allahabad.
  • Vijay Mathur is played by Nitesh Pandey. He is Sunaina's father. He is also very forgetful and careless, loses his mobile phones many times. He runs a Chinese restaurant.
  • Geethika 'Geetu' Mathur is played by Pragati Mehra . She is the mother of Sunaina and Rishabh and wife of Vijay. She is very strict. She is an actor who plays short roles in movies. She loves vases and antiques. She is always shown to be tent about the absence of their servent Gopi, who is never shown.
  • Rishabh Mathur is played by Markand Soni. He is the younger brother of Sunaina. He is very lazy and hates all the outdoor activities and sports. He is a big fan of the cartoon show Ben 10 and always shown playing its video games. He is always so afraid of Sameer, the bully of his class.
  • Sameer Dhanaura is played by Varun Shukla. He is the bully of Rishabh's class and also the son of the school trusty. He always beats and scares Rishabh and David and eats their lunch. He is a big fan of WWF and wants to fight like that.
  • David is played by Kartik Ghanthe. He is the best friend of Rishabh. He is very foolish and coward. He is always afraid of Sameer.


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