Sunao ni Narenakute

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Sunao ni Narenakute
Sunao ni narenakute.jpg
Genre Drama, romance
Starring See below
Opening theme Hard to say I'm sorry: Iidasenakute by WEAVER
Great DJ by the Ting Tings
Ending theme Sunao ni Narenakute by Sugawara Sayuri
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 11
Producer(s) Nakano Toshiyuki
Location(s) Tokyo
Running time 47 minutes per episode
Original network Fuji TV
Picture format NTSC, 1080i HDTV
Original release April 15 (2010-04-15) – June 24, 2010 (2010-06-24)
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Sunao ni Narenakute (素直になれなくて) (Hard to Say I Love You) was a Japanese television drama on Fuji TV which aired from April 15, 2010 to June 24, 2010.


Nakajima looks up to his father, who was a war photographer, but can only get a job as an assistant for gravure magazines. Mizuno is a provisional high school teacher, currently on probation. Nishimura is Mizuno's best friend, whose boyfriend has been avoiding her since she discovered she was pregnant. Ichihara works at a magazine where he is being blackmailed into sexual favours by his chief editor. Park, on Twitter, takes on the persona of a doctor, when he is actually working at a company that sells medical equipment to disinterested doctors, and at the same time, trying to take care of his younger sister.

This is a story about the blossoming friendship of five young people who were brought together by Twitter, and their journey to finding honesty with each other and with themselves.


  • Eita as Nakajima Keisuke/"Nakaji"
  • Ueno Juri as Mizuno Tsukiko/"Haru"
  • Megumi Seki as Nishimura Hikaru/"Peach"
  • Tetsuji Tamayama as Ichihara Kaoru/"Linda"
  • Kim Jaejoong as Park Seonsu/"Doctor"
  • Kinami Haruka as Park Minha
  • Nakamura Yuichi as Mizuno Shu
  • Sakamoto Shougo as Matsujima Kenta
  • Ryusei Ryo as Takahashi Masafumi
  • Aizawa Rina as Maeda Yuki
  • Watanabe Eri as Okuda Mariko
  • Yajima Kenichi as Yamamoto Tomohiko
  • Tanaka Tetsushi as Minehara Takashi
  • Tonesaku Toshihide as Shiraishi Takafumi
  • Asaka Mayumi as Ichihara Misako
  • Igawa Haruka as Yamamoto Kiriko
  • Fubuki Jun as Mizuno Sachiko


Date Episode Rating (Kanto Region)
04-15-2010 1 11.9%
04-22-2010 2 13.2%
04-29-2010 3 10.8%
05-06-2010 4 10.3%
05-13-2010 5 10.9%
05-20-2010 6 11.6%
05-27-2010 7 11.6%
06-03-2010 8 11.8%
06-10-2010 9 10.4%
06-17-2010 10 9.9%
06-24-2010 11 10.8%
average 11.2%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.

Production credits[edit]

  • Screenwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
  • Directors: Mitsuno Michio and Nishisaka Mizuki
Preceded by
Fumo Chitai
Fuji TV Mokuyou Gekijou Drama
April 15, 2010 – June 24, 2010
Succeeded by