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The River Sunar (also called Sonar) is a rain-fed river in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It flows in the region called Bundelkhand in Damoh district. Its overall length is more than 250 km. It flows south to north like all Vindhyan rivers and Ganges system tributaries of central Indian rivers. The river is like Ganga for this region. It drains an approximately 12000 square kilometer area of the southern boundary of Bundelkhand. Few government project are planned on the river for provide water for agriculture and electricity production. Pancham nagar project are planned on Bewas river main tributary of the Sunar River for provide water by canal for agricultural use and provide full amount water for former dry lands. Another project in progress is Saksuma Dam for production of electricity on main river sunar.pancham nagar is approximately completed.

Source :- Sunar River originates in Sagar District from a small hilly region in Tada block. So mainly its initial source is Tada-Kesli in few kilometer far from Sagar District.

Etymology :- It start from the name of Sunar river few story told by the older peoples but it has not any evidence behind it for stand of its name. One of the stories in them is when a small stream of this river flow down from hills it come in a house of Sunar, a goldsmith in Indian society and then that stream out from Sunar house through his gate.

Tributaries :- There are many small tributaries of River Sunar. The more notable are Bewas River which originates from Sagar District, Judi, which flows in Batiyagardh sub-block of Damoh District, Kopra River from Damoh District Bakrau, Chakra,Sunaya river of Banwar. They meet with the Sunar River.

Culture :- There are many small villages and some small towns situated on the bank of River Sunar such as Gadhakota, Hatta, Rehhli madiyado, Rangir, Maiher. A few kilometers from Sagar on Jhasi Sagar state highway is a big temple of Lord Hanuman. Hatta in the Damoh District, the largest town on the banks of River Sunar, has a population of 25000 according to the 2011 Census.

Visiting place :- River Sunar make a small waterfall in Harat village near 5km away from town Hatta. Saksuma point is also located on river sunar 7 km away from Hatta. Mount :- the biggest Sun temple is located on the bank of Sunar near Rehli town. Madhkoleswar has an ancient Lord Shiva temple located at Madhkole near Narsigardh town where the three rivers Sunar, Kopra and Judi meet. Narsingadh Point is located where Bewas river joins Sunar river. Pandon near Amanganj in Panna District is where five rivers meet.

Mount:- a tributary of ken river originated from Panna District. Half of its basin belongs to the River Sunar. Sunar river and three more rivers name Bearma and Mahori and one more river meets in Pandon town situated in Panna District join with Ken river later Ken meets Yamuna in etawa in Utter Pradesh. Yamuna meets Ganga in Allahabad.


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