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Sunbelt Publications
Founded 1988
Founder Diana Lindsay
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location El Cajon,
San Diego County, California
Publication types books, maps
Nonfiction topics California, natural history, science, Native Americans, guide books, history and culture, and regional references
Official website

Sunbelt Publications, incorporated in 1988 with roots in the book business since 1973, publishes and distributes multi-language pictorials, natural science and outdoor guidebooks, regional references, and stories that celebrate the land and its people.[1] The company is located in El Cajon,[1]San Diego County, California, while sometimes being cited as in the city of San Diego.

The Lindsays[edit]

Diana and Lowell Lindsay created Sunbelt Books based on their passion for the natural world. Diana Lindsay’s love for the desert began in 1966, when she “figuratively went into the desert and never came out”.[2] The Anza-Borrego Desert was the subject for her master’s thesis from SDSU that was subsequently published as a book entitled “Our Historic Desert” by Copley Books (1973). She is a noted desert scholar and author.[1]

Lowell Lindsay is the CEO of Sunbelt Publications. He majored in geology at UCLA and received his master's degree from West Texas A&M University in political science, specializing in environmental education. He is past president of the San Diego Association of Geologists (SDAG) and a board member of the national Association of Earth Science Editor (AESE).[3] Lowell is a former naval aviator and wilderness training officer.

Select Bibliography[edit]

Title Author About
Anza-Borrego: A Photographic Journey Ernie Cowan A collection of dazzling photographs from California’s largest state park.
Baja California Plant Field Guide John P. Rebman, Norman C. Roberts A guide to over 715 different plants of the Baja California peninsula.
Baja Legends: Historical Characters, Events, and Locations that Put Baja California on the Map Greg Niemann A reference book on the peninsula’s past and present.[4]
Cave Paintings of Baja California Harry W. Crosby A Coffee-Table book on the cave paintings found in Baja California.[5]
Chasing a Dream in the Galapagos: A Personal Evolution Bette Blaydes Pegas A memoir on the author’s travels into the Galápagos.[6]
Coast to Cactus: Geology and Tectonics, San Diego to Salton Trough, California Jennifer Morton (editor) A guide to tectonic features through a slice of San Diego and Imperial counties.
Cooking with Baja Magic Dos: More Mouthwatering Meals from the Kitchens and Campfires of Baja Ann Hazard A cookbook inspired by Baja-Style cooking.[7]
Courage to Heal Paul Bernstein The story of Sidney Garfield, MD, and how he created Kaiser Permanente.[8]
The Cuyamacas: The Story of San Diego’s High Country Leland Fetzer A historical reference on San Diego’s mountain district from the eighteenth to twenty-first century.[9]
Cycling Orange County Don & Sharron Brundige A cycling guide book on the coastal to inland areas of Orange County, California.[10]
Cycling Palm Springs Region Nelson Copp A cycling guide book on the trails in Coachella Valley.[11]
Cycling San Diego Nelson Copp A cycling guide book on the different areas in San Diego.[12]
Cycling the Trails of San Diego: A Mountain Biker’s Guide to the County Nelson Copp A cycling guide book on different dirt-road paths.[13]
Desert Bighorn Sheep: Wilderness Icon Mark C. Jorgensen A comprehensive photographic work on the elusive desert bighorn.
The Deer Dancer Gary Winters The story of a Yaqui Indian boy on a journey to find his father in Mexico’s second largest city.[14]
Desert Lore of Southern California Choral Pepper A reference on stories of lost mines, Indian myths, and other lore on Southern California’s desert.[15]
Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California Richard W. Halsey A reference book on the basics of chaparral natural history.[16]
Fossil Treasures of the Anza-Borrego Desert George Jefferson, Lowell Lindsay A documentation of fossils from the last 6 million years.[17]
Gateway to Alta California Harry W. Crosby Record of the Spanish expedition to find San Diego.[18]
Geology of Anza-Borrego Paul Remeika, Lowell Lindsay A guide book referring to Southern California as an active geological region.[19]
Geology of the Elsinore Fault Zone Monte L. Murbach, Michael W. Hart A collection of papers on curious aspects of the fault zone, including geological field trips.
Geology and History of Southeastern San Diego County Phillip T. Farquharson, David M. Bloom, Carole L. Ziegler A geological and historical guidebook, including geological field trips.
Geology and Lore of Northern Anza-Borrego Desert Region Charles E. Houser, Monte L. Murbach A field guide and a collection of geological papers, both old and new, on the Anza-Borrego region.
Geology and Natural History of Camp Pendleton Phillip S. Rosenburg A guidebook to the Camp Pendleton area, including a geological field trip and a fold-out map.
Geology Terms in English and Spanish Henry Aurand A pocket guide translator for geology and science vocabulary in English and Spanish.[20]
Gold and Silver in the Mojave: Images of a Last Frontier Nicholas Clapp Remarkable photographs show that the Old West lingered on in the Mojave Desert.
Good Camp: Gold Mines of Julian and the Cuyamacas Leland Fetzer A book on the history of the gold mines of the Cuyamacas.[21]
Guacamole Dip: From Baja, Tales of Love, Faith… and Magic Daniel Reveles A collection of stories based in the border town of Tecate.[8]
Just Before Sunset Lora Cline A record of the Kwaaymii, as told by Tom Lucas, the last Kwaaymii.[22]
Kelemen Journals Pal & Elizabeth Kelemen Journals of art history pioneers Elisabeth and Pal Kelemen on their travels.[23]
La Jolla: A Celebration of its Past Patricia Daly-Lipe A collection of vignettes and essays on La Jolla.[24]
La Jolla: A Photographic Journey Nick Agelidis A compilations of stunning images depicting the historic and modern landmarks of La Jolla.
Las Vegas Legends: What Happened in Vegas… Greg Niemann A record of the legends and stories of Las Vegas.[25]
Leave Only Paw Prints: Dog Hikes in San Diego County Donna Lawrence A guidebook of hikes and walks for dogs and their people.[26]
Louis Rose: San Diego’s First Jewish Settler Donald H. Harrison A memoir of Louis Rose.[27]
Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles Rider South & Diana Lindsay A collection of Marshal South’s chronicles on his family’s lifestyle on Ghost Mountain.[28]
Marshal South Rides Again: His Anza-Borrego Novels Marshal South Two of Marshal South’s novels set in the Anza-Borrego desert.
Metal Sculptures of Borrego Valley Diana Lindsay Maps, travel tips, and information about the metal art of Ricardo Breceda.
Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti Linton H Robinson, M.F. Jones-Reid & Charlene Lopez A translation of common slang used in Mexico and Latin America.[29]
Mines and Geology of the Randsburg Area D. D. Trent The mining history of a small town in the Mojave Desert.
Mining History and Geology of Joshua Tree National Park Margaret R. Eggers A guide to the mining history and mineral resources of Joshua Tree.
Mission Memoirs Terry Ruscin A photographic book on the missions.[30]
My Ancestor’s Village Roberta Labastida A story about a young Indian girl explaining how her family lives.[31]
Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur Miguel Angel de la Cueva A photographic book on Southern California.[32]
Old Magic: Lives of the Desert Shamans Nicholas CLapp The lives and rituals of Native American shamans of the Southwest,
Orange County Place Names A to Z Phil Brigandi A list of place names in Orange County.[33]
The Other Side: Journeys of Baja Judy Botello A book exploring Baja's culture.[34]
Outdoor Guide to Palos Verdes Peninsula Brad and Kristine Denton A guide book with trail information on the Palos Verdes Peninsula area.[35]
Palm Springs Legends: Creation of a Desert Oasis Greg Niemann A history on Palm Springs and its legends.[36]
Palm Springs Oasis Greg Lawson A photographic book on Palm Springs and Coachella Valley.[37]
Palm Springs-Style Gardening Maureen Gilmer A book on desert plants and flowers that can be found in Palm Springs.[38]
Palms to Pines: Geological and Historical Excursions through the Palm Springs Region Scott W. Snyder, Bryan Miller-Hicks How geological phenomena have shaped modern and historical Palm Springs.
Panda Who Would Not Eat Ruth Todd Evans The true story of a panda at the San Diego zoo who refuses to eat.[39]
Picacho and the Cargo Muchachos: Gold, Guns, and Geology of Eastern Imperial County Todd A. Wirths, Carole L. Ziegler The historical and geological story of mining in eastern Imperial County San Diego.
Rabbit on a Bumpy Road: A Story of Courage and Endurance Tom Hom A Chinese man's memoir about achieving the American dream.
Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist Diana Lindsay A memoir on Ricardo Breceda and his Sky Art.[40]
Rise and Fall of San Diego Patrick Abbott A reference on San Diego’s ancient geology.[41]
Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region Don D. Christensen, Jerry Dickey, Steven M. Freers Photographs and information about rock art styles of the Native Americans of the Grand Canyon.
San Diego County Place Names, A to Z Leland Fetzer A reference guide of locations in San Diego County, arranged in alphabetical order.
San Diego Legends Jack Innis A book on the important people and events that shaped San Diego.[42]
San Diego Specters John Lamb A book on different haunted places throughout San Diego County.[43]
San Diego: An Introduction to the Region Philip Pryde A reference book on San Diego’s history and natural sciences.[44]
San Diego: California’s Cornerstone Iris Engstrand A historical reference on the indigenous people.[45]
San Diego’s Finest Athletes: Five Exceptional Lives Joey Seymour Stories on five San Diegan athletes (Maureen Connolly, Charlie Powell, Greg Louganis, Tiffany Chin, and Adrian Gonzales).[46]
San Diego’s Judge Mayor: How Murphy’s Law Blindsided Leadership with 2020 Vision Judge Dick Murphy A book in which Dick Murphy recollects his childhood and political life.[47]
San Luis Rey on Display: Geoscience in Northern San DIego COunty Brian J. Olson, Scott W. Snyder More than geology, this guide covers local paleontology, archaeology, and history.
Spanish Lingo for the Savvy Gringo Elizabeth Reid A reference book on Spanish terms and culture.[48]
Strangers in a Stolen Land: Indians of San Diego County from Prehistory to the New Deal Richard Carrico A historical reference on Indians in San Diego in the 1930s.[49]
Sugar Bear Story Ernestine De Soto A children’s book on Chumash people.[50]
Tequila, Lemon, and Salt: From Baja: Tales of Love, Faith... And Magic! Daniel Reveles A collection of short stories based in the border town of Tecate.[51]
This Day in San Diego History Linda H. Pequegnat A day-by-day reference of events in the history of San Diego.[52]
Tortoises Through the Lens: A Visual Exploration of a Mojave Desert Icon David Lamfrom and Rana Knighten A photographic book exploring the desert tortoises of the Mojave.[53]
Waiting for Tsunami: Coastal Hazards of Northern San Diego County Cari Gomes Historical and present-day geological hazards of the San Diego coastline.


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  • Cave Paintings of Baja California – Non-Fiction, 1997 San Diego Book Awards
  • Courage to HealTheodor S. Geisel Award 2007, San Diego Book Awards
  • Courage to Heal – Historical Fiction, 2007 San Diego Book Awards
  • The Cuyamacas: The Story of San Diego’s High Country – Best Local Interest, 2010 San Diego Book Awards
  • Cycling the Trails of San Diego: A Mountain Biker’s Guide to the County – Best Local Interest, San Diego Book Awards 2011
  • The Deer Dancer – Fictional-Multicultural (Bronze Medal)
  • The Deer Dancer – ForeWord Reviews (Bronze Medal)
  • The Deer Dancer – Book of the Year Award (Bronze Medal)
  • The Deer Dancer – Best Novel
  • The Deer Dancer – Mensa Creative Awards
  • The Deer Dancer – Chicano/Latino Literary Prize for Unpublished Novel (Silver Medal)
  • Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California – Local Interest, San Diego Book Awards Association 2009
  • Fossil Treasures of the Anza-Borrego Desert – Science/Environment, 2006 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
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  • Guacamole Dip: From Baja, Tales of Love, Faith… and Magic – Best General Fiction, 2007 San Diego Book Awards
  • La Jolla: A Celebration of its Past – 2002 San Diego Book Awards
  • Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles – Best History Book, 2004 San Diego Book Awards
  • Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles – Best Book, 2005 OWAC Awards
  • Mission Memoirs – Excellence & Innovation in Marketing, 2000 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards
  • Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur – Silver Medal Winner, Best Nature book, 2006 ForeWord Book of the Year Awards
  • Palm Springs Legends: Creation of a Desert Oasis – 2012 Craft Awards, Outdoor Writers Association of California[54]
  • Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist – Best Cover Design, Gold Metal 2012 PubWest Design Award
  • Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist – Best Cover, 2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist – Travel Finalist, 2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist – Art Honorable Mention, 2012 The Eric Hoffer Award
  • Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist – Biography/Memoir Finalist, 2012 San Diego Book Awards
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