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Sund Rock is a designated conservation area[1] on the U.S. state of Washington's Hood Canal. The area is known for abundant and diverse life, including but not limited to Lingcod, Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eel, as well as nudibranch, anemone, and sea cucumber.

The area is well known to regional scuba divers, especially for its two major walls, known colloquially as the north and south walls. These walls have depths 70 to 80 feet (21 to 24 m), depending upon the tide. Several other walls exist, some going down beyond 100 feet (30 m) in depth. One of these is called "fish pen wall." Additional features include the "fish bowl"—a reef-like area full of life—a large sunken boat just to the north of the north wall, and a small wrecked boat between the north and south walls.

Recreational and technical divers alike find Sund Rock attractive for various reasons. Recreational divers appreciate Sund Rock because it is not a current-sensitive area, the main walls are easily within recreational dive limits, and for abundant sea life. Technical divers enjoy the deeper walls and other areas that allow them to dive well beyond recreational limits.

Because Sund Rock is a conservation area, no hunting or gathering of any kind is permitted. Two ways exist of entering the waters in the area. The "free" way involves a somewhat steep but short hike and surface swim of 250 to 600 metres (820 to 1,970 ft). Hoodsport'nDive, a dive shop in nearby Hoodsport, sells more convenient access. The fee as of August 2012 is $16.00.[2]

The boundaries of the area are

description coordinate
nw corner 47°26′24″N 123°07′06″W / 47.44°N 123.11834°W / 47.44; -123.11834 (Sund Rock Reserve NW corner)
ne corner 47°26′24″N 123°06′54″W / 47.44°N 123.115°W / 47.44; -123.115 (Sund Rock Reserve NE corner)
se corner 47°26′00″N 123°06′54″W / 47.43333°N 123.11501°W / 47.43333; -123.11501 (Sund Rock Reserve SE corner)
sw corner 47°26′00″N 123°07′21″W / 47.43333°N 123.12245°W / 47.43333; -123.12245 (Sund Rock Reserve SW corner)
rough center 47°26′12″N 123°07′03″W / 47.4366°N 123.1174°W / 47.4366; -123.1174 (Sund Rock Reserve rough center)Coordinates: 47°26′12″N 123°07′03″W / 47.4366°N 123.1174°W / 47.4366; -123.1174 (Sund Rock Reserve rough center)


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