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Sunda may refer to:

  • Sundaland, a biogeographical region of Southeast Asia that comprises the Malay Peninsula and the Malay Archipelago islands west of the Wallace Line

In India[edit]

In Southeast Asia[edit]

  • Sunda Islands, a group of islands located in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Sunda Strait, the strait between Java and Sumatra
  • Sunda Shelf, part of the continental shelf of Southeast Asia, covered by the South China Sea which isolates islands such as Borneo, Sumatra and Java
  • Mount Sunda, an ancient extinct supervolcano once exist in Priangan highland during Pleistocene age, the predecessor of Tangkuban Perahu, Burangrang, and Bukit Tunggul volcanoes
  • Sunda Kingdom, a kingdom that existed in west part of Java island from the 7th century to the 16th century
  • Sundanese people, an ethnic group in the western part of Java, and a second biggest ethnic group in Indonesia after the Javanese
  • Sundanese language, the language of the Sundanese
  • Sundanese script
  • Kidung Sunda, a literary work that recounts the story of the "Battle of Bubat" between Sundanese and Javanese

Other uses[edit]

  • Sunda, a fictional country in Eric Ambler's thriller State of Siege
  • Sunda Kommuna, a municipality in the Faroe Islands
  • Sunda, a type of artificial honey spread made in Norway. It was introduced in 1931 and is still in production.