Sunda, Faroe Islands

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Hósvík village within the municipality
Hósvík village within the municipality
Location in the Faroe Islands
Location in the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 62°9′N 6°56′W / 62.150°N 6.933°W / 62.150; -6.933Coordinates: 62°9′N 6°56′W / 62.150°N 6.933°W / 62.150; -6.933
State Denmark
Constituent country  Faroe Islands
Islands Streymoy and Eysturoy
 • Mayor Kim Durhuus
Population (2010)
 • Total 1,655
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)

Sunda kommuna is an amalgamated-municipality stretching across vast areas of the two large Faroese islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.

Sunda kommuna is formed by the former municipalities of Hósvíkar kommuna, Hvalvíkar kommuna, Saksunar kommuna, Haldarsvíkar kommuna, (former) Sunda kommuna and Gjáar kommuna.

It now contains the following villages:

Originally Sunda kommuna was a loose cooperation between the small municipalities, but since 2005 these municipalities agreed to amalgamate. Altogether Sunda kommuna accounts for 1,655 inhabitants, and the population is steadily increasing. The increase is mainly due to the highway that runs right through the municipality connecting the north-eastern Faroes with the western and southern parts of the Faroes. This highway - currently one of the main-arteries of the Faroes - also features a bridge across the sound that divides Eysturoy and Streymoy, thus creating a region centred on the bridge.

The major is Kim Durhuus from Hósvík, who in 2009 replaced Heðin Zachariasen.



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