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Ericka Patrice Campbell (born April 4, 1972), better known as Sundance, is an American rapper, DJ and radio personality.[1]

Early life[edit]

From the westside of Chicago, Campbell attended Melody Elementary School but graduated from Maria Regina Catholic School in Gardena, California. She then attended Morningside High School in Inglewood, California but upon returning to Chicago, she finished at Austin Community Academy High School.

At a young age, Campbell learned to play the drums through her uncle who was musically inclined. She continued to play drums into high school and also learned the alto saxophone.


Campbell's uncle later took up DJing as a hobby; with this she became fascinated and found her new love of music, hip hop and Chicago house, introduced by her uncle.

By the late 1980s, Campbell had already recorded a hit house record with Fast Eddie, "Git On Up", that was certified Gold by RIAA and Billboard. By the time she was 17, she traveled on a 6-month tour of the United Kingdom.

After coming home, she went to beauty school and became a successful hairstylist; music still her passion.

In 1999, she pursued radio and landed a job at one of Clear Channel's biggest urban stations in Chicago and was there for seven years. During these years, she invested in DJ equipment after an inheritance of her uncle's record collection dating back to the late 1970s, and became a professional DJ.

Awards and appearances[edit]

  • 2004: Sundance was featured in The Source magazine as "one of the best female DJs in the Mid-West"
  • 2004: Inducted in the DJ group 'The Core DJ's' as the first woman enlisted.
  • 2004: First appearance on Chicago's local news channel, Fox News in the morning as a job swap with David Novarro.
  • 2005: The Truth Awards - Chicago's Tightest Female DJ
  • 2005: The first female DJ to get booked for BET'S Rap City The Basement in Chicago
  • 2005: Opened the biggest house reunion with Chicago's legendary DJ, Farley Jack Master Funk
  • 2005: The Truth Awards - Chicago's Tightest Female DJ (second award)
  • 2006: Fox News - guest celebrity judge for Chicago Idol (second appearance on Fox)
  • 2006: DJed and performed her 1989 recording "Git On Up" in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany and Moscow, Russia
  • 2007: Guest celebrity judge on Fox News for Chicago Idol (third appearance on Fox)

Personal life[edit]

Campbell was awarded custody by the State of Illinois 3 months after her birth by her grandfather, Ethell Day, Sr. He regained custody and Campbell remained in their care until she was 12. She was forced to try life with her mother and stepfather in Inglewood, California, but her mother was too abusive and wouldn't stop her heavy drug addiction, so for her 8th grade graduation, her gift was a one-way ticket back to Chicago to live with her grandparents. Her grandmother was an alcoholic and physically abusive and her grandfather was an extremely passive man and allowed the abuse to unfold. Once in an interview she stated, "My grandfather was my angel in a household from hell". Hence she wears his name on her back ("Ethello").

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