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Facade of Sundance 608 theater, Madison, 2010-12-13.jpg
Crowd shot at Sundance Cinema 608 Grand Opening (491333774).jpg

Sundance 608 is the first of the Sundance Cinemas, a branch in the Sundance Group, to open in the United States,[1] just ahead of San Francisco's Sundance Kabuki Theater. Sundance 608's grand opening in its new green setting was held on May 11, 2007.[2] It is located in the Hilldale Shopping Center in Madison, Wisconsin where it replaced the former Hilldale Theater. The "608" is a reference to the telephone area code for the region.[3] [4] Madison was selected as the first location for Sundance Cinemas due to the level of interest in independent film in the region.[1][5]

Sundance 608 contains six stadium-seated auditoriums, a cafe, rooftop bar, and Gallery 608, which sells Sundance-related arts and merchandise as well as artwork produced by local artists. The added activities were seen by the Sundance Group as a means of changing the way customers viewed going to the movies and to make the movie theater more of a destination.[1][3]


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