Sundance Power Station

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Sundance Power Station A & B
Sundance Power Station is located in Alberta
Sundance Power Station
Location of Sundance Power Station A & B in Alberta
Country Canada
Location Lake Wabamun, Alberta
Coordinates 53°30′27″N 114°33′26″W / 53.50750°N 114.55722°W / 53.50750; -114.55722Coordinates: 53°30′27″N 114°33′26″W / 53.50750°N 114.55722°W / 53.50750; -114.55722
Status Active
Commission date 1970-1980
Owner(s) TransAlta Corp.
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 2,141 MW[1]

Sundance Power Station is a coal fired station owned by TransAlta Corp., located 70 km west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Lake Wabamun. It comprised six units (two 280 MW units and four larger units); both 280 MW units were taken out of service in mid-December 2010 and determined to be beyond economic repair.[2] A legal battle between the owner of the PPA (TransCanada) ensued, which forced the two units to come back on line after replacement of the two boiler units. As of Dec 2013 both units had returned to production.

Units 1 and 2 operated under a 100% power purchase agreement with Alberta, known as 'Sundance A'. In August 2000 TransCanada purchased the rights to the production from Sundance A and B.[3] Coal for the station is sourced from the TransAlta Highvale Coal Mine that is adjacent to the power station.


The Sundance Power Station consists of six units, of which four were upgraded during the 2001-2012 period. Several units went through upgrades in 2009.[1]

Unit Commissioning dates consist of:[4]

  • Unit 1 - 1970;
  • Unit 2 - 1973;
  • Unit 3 - 1976;
  • Unit 4 - 1977;
  • Unit 5 - 1978;
  • Unit 6 - 1980.

The boilers are supplied by Combustion Engineering and the turbines/generator are supplied by AEI, GEC, or EE.[5]

The plant features three large smokestacks each approximately 156 m (510 ft) in height.

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