Sundaram (theatre group)

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Formation 1957
Type Theatre group
Artistic director(s)
Manoj Mitra

Sundaram is a Bengali theatre group, established in 1957. They have staged more than 40 productions like Parabas, Sajano Bagan, Alokanandar Putra Kanya etc.[1]
Bengali stage and film actor Manoj Mitra and director Partha Pratim Chowdhury started this theatre group.[2]


  • Alokanandar Putra Kanya
  • Finger-Print
  • Galpo Hekim Saheb
  • Ja Nei Bharatey.[3]
  • Kancha
  • Mesh-O-Rakshash
  • Mrityur Chokhe Jal.
  • Parabas
  • Sajano Bagan
  • Shovajatra


  • Alokanandar Putra Kanya won Siromani Purashkar presented by Asian Paints. Lead actress of this play also was awarded the Best Actress Award by the West Bengal State Natya Academy in the year 1990. [1]
  • Galpo Hekim Saheb also won Siromani Purashkar from Asian Paints in 1995.


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