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Sunday Driver
Chandrika Nath, Sunday Driver, Lincoln 2011.jpg
Chandy Nath on stage in Lincoln, 2011
Background information
Origin London, UK
Genres Folk
Years active 2000–present
Members Chandrika Nath
James Clayton
Kat Arney
Amit Jogia
Richard Bullen
Simon Richardson
Scot Jowett
Joe Nicholson (sound technician)
Charlie Suarez (backup dancer/cleaning crew)

Sunday Driver are a Cambridge and London based fusion band with English folk and classical Indian influences. In 2009 they became popular within the UK Steampunk scene.[1]


"Sunday Driver" are named after a gene (SYD) originally found in fruit flies.[2] [3]

Sunday Driver were formed in the summer of 2000, though lead singer Chandrika "Chandy" Nath had earlier composed some of the songs whilst monitoring ice floes near the South Pole, during a field trip in Antarctica, collecting data for the British Antarctic Survey.[4]

An Arts Council grant back in 2004 paid for training workshops with renowned sitarist Baluji Shrivastav.[2]

In 2009, Sunday Driver were the opening band at the first Asylum Steampunk Festival, held at The Lawn Asylum, Lincoln, the same year they opened the Cambridge Folk Festival. They also played the steampunk festival in 2010 and headlined the main Ball there in 2011.



  • Sacred Cow / The Man from Bombay (2001) (Demo Compilation)
  • More than Flies (2002) (EP)
  • Underground (2003) (EP)
  • In the City of Dreadful Night (2008) (Debut Full Length Album)
  • The Mutiny (2012) [5]
  • Flo (2014) (EP)

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