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The Sunday Library for Household Reading was a British series of children's religious biographies and histories.[1] It was published by Macmillan from 1868, and edited by Frances Martin.[2] The intended audience has been identified as families reading after church service on Sunday.[3]

The works appeared in monthly parts at one shilling, as part publishing.

Number Year Author Title
I 1868 Charlotte Mary Yonge The Pupils of St. John the Divine[4]
II 1868 Charles Kingsley The Hermits[5]
III 1868 Frederic William Farrar Seekers after God[6]
IV 1868 George Macdonald England's Antiphon[7]
V 1869 François Guizot Saint Louis and Calvin, translation by Frances Martin[8]
VI 1869 Catherine Winkworth Christian Singers of Germany[9]
VII 1869 George Frederick Maclear Apostles of Mediæval Europe[10]
VIII 1869 Thomas Hughes Alfred the Great[11]
IX 1870 Annie Keary The Nations Around[12]
X 1870 R. W. Church St. Anselm[13]
XI 1868 Mrs. Oliphant Saint Francis of Assisi[14]
XII 1871 Charlotte Yonge Pioneers and Founders; or, Recent Workers in the Mission Field[15]


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