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Sunday Morning was a Canadian radio news and information program, which aired on CBC Radio One. The magazine style program was one of the highest budget shows on CBC Radio and featured documentaries, interviews, round table discussions, book reviews, arts reports, puzzles and various features including a weekly satirical song by Nancy White. The show was conceived by producer Mark Starowicz as a "Sunday New York Times of the air" and was launched in 1976 with Bronwyn Drainie and Warner Troyer as hosts. The show was one of CBC Radio's highest rated programmes, drawing 1.1 million listeners per week. Among others, it was the inspiration for Godmorgon, världen! in Sweden.

After being unsuccessfully revamped in 1995 and given a new host, Ian Brown, the series ended in 1997 after twenty years when CBC Radio merged Sunday Morning with Morningside to create the new morning series This Morning. In 2000, the programming schedule was altered again and the Sunday morning block was made a separate program again as The Sunday Edition.

Personalities associated with the show included Mary Lou Finlay, Barbara Smith, Linden MacIntyre, Stuart McLean, Nancy White, Elizabeth Gray, Patrick Martin, Bruce Rogers, Douglas Gibson and Bruce Dowbiggin.