Sunday Supplement

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Sunday Supplement
Presented by Neil Ashton
Former: Jimmy Hill, Bill Bradshaw, Brian Woolnough
Country of origin United Kingdom
Producer(s) Sky Sports
Running time 90 Minutes
Original network Sky Sports
Original release 1999 – Present

Sunday Supplement (formerly Jimmy Hill's Sunday Supplement) is a Sunday morning television programme in the United Kingdom about football. It is broadcast on Sunday mornings on Sky Sports 1, during the football season. The length of the show is 90 minutes, including commercials, although it is occasionally cut down to 60 minutes.


Launched under the stewardship of Jimmy Hill, three guest football journalists sit around a table over breakfast/brunch and discuss the latest football matches, news and gossip, including a look at the football stories in the Sunday newspapers.[1]

The proposal was that it was set in Hill's actual kitchen, with fans trying to guess where his home was from the window view.[2] But the truth came to light on several occasions in 2006 when Hill was late claiming to be stuck in traffic.


In 2007, Sky Sports decided not to renew Hill's 12 month contract,[2] which coincided with the removal of his name from the title.

The presenter role was given to either Bill Bradshaw and Brian Woolnough. The format and setting remained consistent set over a breakfast/brunch table, but guest football journalists increased from two to three. Woolnough later took on the permanent presenter role, with regular hacks including Patrick Barclay, Oliver Holt, Martin Samuel, Paul Smith and Henry Winter. Since Woolnough's death in September 2012 Neil Ashton has been the host, having initially stood in during his predecessor's illness.

The programme is the successor to the Friday night discussion show Hold the Back Page, which is still occasionally broadcast in its usual slot.

Beginning in 2009, a podcast of the show was made available on the Sky Sports website[3] and iTunes.[4]


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