Sundberg Guitars

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Sundberg Guitars
IndustryMusical instruments
FounderDavid Sundberg
HeadquartersSollentuna, Sweden
Area served
ProductsAcoustic guitars and basses

Sundberg Guitars is a Swedish company that produces handmade acoustic guitars (steel and nylon strings) and acoustic basses. All instruments are available with a wide range of different options and custom details. An instrument built by Sundberg takes about 60 to 100 hours to complete, and so far about 170 have been built.[1]


S-T Sundberg's tenor guitar.
S-J Based on the 1930s Gibson's Advanced jumbo.
S-D Based on the Martin dreadnought from the 1930s.
S-00 Sundberg's version of the 1920s Gibson L-00.
S-OM Sundberg's orchestra guitar.
S-000-12 A twelve-string version of the S-00.
S-J2 A version of Gibson's J200 from the 1930s.
S-7 Seven-string model available as S-J, S-D and S-OM models.

Notable users[edit]

Lars Winnerbäck playing his Sunddberg live
  • Nicholaus Arson of The Hives plays the "Arsonette", a Telecaster-styled electric guitar built for his short and dead tone.
  • Ryan Adams plays a custom built S-J made from spruce from the owner grandparents farm in Torsåker, which he received in 2003.
  • Lars Winnerbäck plays two guitars with his initials "LW" on the 12th fret, one with WINNERBÄCK along the neck and the company's first-ever Irish bouzouki.
  • Swedish singer Mauros Scocco plays a Sundberg acoustic.
  • Dregen, most famous for his electric work with Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters, plays a S-J2 with custom skull inlays.
  • Swedish progg Ola Magnell plays a Sundberg guitar.
  • Swedish pop/rock vocalist Lisa Miskovsky plays a S-0M model.
  • Kristoffer Åström of Fireside and Hidden Truck plays a S-00.
  • Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun plays four Sundbergs, including a baritone version of the S-00 model.
  • Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim plays a S-0M model.
  • Max Shultz, solo artist and sessions player, plays a S-0M model.
  • Mattias Torrel guitarist for Eagle-Eye Cherry plays a Sundberg guitar.
  • Elin Sigvardsson a Swedish singer/songwriter plays a S-OM and a S-J model.


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