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The Sundesert Nuclear Power Plant was proposed in the 1970s but never built. In 1977 the San Diego Gas & Electric Company submitted an application to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to construct two 974 MWe Westinghouse pressurized water reactors approximately 15 miles southwest of Blythe, California.Coordinates: 33°26′59.21″N 114°46′58.42″W / 33.4497806°N 114.7828944°W / 33.4497806; -114.7828944[1] However, in 1978, a year before the Three Mile Island accident, the State of California refused to allow the utility to begin construction of the Sundesert units in the "absence of federally demonstrated and approved technology for permanent disposal of radioactive wastes".[2][3] The project was cancelled that year.

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