Sundog Solar

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Sundog Solar
Industry Solar power
Founded 2006[1] Startup company
Headquarters Chatham, NY, USA
Key people
Jody Rael, President & CEO
Number of employees
Approx. 7
A photovoltaic installation near Poughkeepsie, New York

Sundog Solar is a solar energy company based in Chatham, NY. Sundog installs photovoltaic and solar hot water systems on homes and businesses. The company also provides a spray foam insulation installation service.


Sundog is based out of a factory warehouse that is shared with Kling Magnetics. The building is part of a complex that used to be the Columbia Box Board Mill, and is powered by 37.6 kW photovoltaic system and heated with vegetable oil.[1]


In 1997, Sundog Solar's owner Jody Rael bought the Chatham property from the Columbia Box Board paper mill company.[2] In 2007 the company invested $250,000 to make their 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2) manufacturing and office facility carbon-neutral.[3]

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