Sundown National Park

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Sundown National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Sundown National Park 3.jpg
Walkers in the park
Coordinates 28°52′06″S 151°37′07″E / 28.86833°S 151.61861°E / -28.86833; 151.61861Coordinates: 28°52′06″S 151°37′07″E / 28.86833°S 151.61861°E / -28.86833; 151.61861
Established 1977
Area 160 km2 (61.8 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Official site

Sundown is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 198 km southwest of Brisbane. The parks contains spectacular gorge country and a number of peaks higher than 1,000 m.


It is the source of the Severn River (Queensland), which is the starting point of the Darling River. The Severn River (Queensland) is a separate river to the New South Wales river of the same name. The river has cut a 10 km long gorge through hard trap rock.[1] Some of the Severn River's tributaries have carved gorges and contain waterfalls.

The area has a complex geological history. Before it was a national park the land was mined for molybdenite, arsenic, tungsten, copper, gold and tin.[1] Disused mines and a treatment plan are contaminated so access in these locations is restricted. Shellfish fossils can be found on the summit of Mount Donaldson which is 1,038 m above sea level. The trap rock which underlays most of the park contains granite intrusions which has caused some fracturing.

Flora and fauna[edit]

In the north of the park Stringybark, Yellow Box, Brown Box and Tenterfield Woollybutt are the most common trees.[1] Along the river Red River Gum, River Oak, Tea-tree and Bottlebrush are typically found. Some areas of the park were cleared for grazing the production of fine wool.[2]

At least 150 species of bird have been noted in the park, including the northmost population of Superb Lyrebirds.[2] The park is also home to the most northerly population of wombats along with nearby Girraween National Park. Tiger Quolls and Platypus are other species that may also be found.[2]


In the south east of the park at Broadwater campground there are facilities for camping. Bush camping is permitted.[2] Camping permits and fees apply in both cases. There are a number of short and long walking tracks in the park.


Access to the park is via a turn-off at Mingoola along the Bruxner Highway.[1]

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