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Sunflat Games is a video game company based in Japan.[1] While they design games for the PC, they are best known for their successful line of iOS games.[2] The company has begun converting their games for use on the Android-based T-Mobile G1. The games can be found in the Android Market, and some have recently been added to the Mac App Store and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.[3]



PapiTramp is a high octane RPG with a loyal fanbase. Bounce on onions, carrots, tomatoes and pumpkins/peppers/watermelons to get more scores. Reigning world champion is SammyG, with a rumoured longest chain of 3796.


PapiJump was Sunflat's first game released for the iPhone OS platform. Using the built-in accelerometer, the player directs Mr. Papi, a bouncing red ball with a smiley-face, up an infinite sequence of platforms. The left side of the playing field is connected with the right side (wraparound). If Mr. Papi misses a platform and falls, the game is over. The game is endless, so nobody has ever won and nobody ever will. The basic/free version has three level types/modes - Normal, Fall and Enemy. At first, only Normal mode is available, but once a certain high score is reached, Fall mode is unlocked. In fall mode, when Mr. Papi jumps on a platform, it falls down, so he can not jump on it again. Also, in that mode some platforms are colored red, and make him jump higher than standard platforms. The third and final mode, Enemy, is unlocked by reaching a certain score in one of the first two modes. In the Enemy mode, there are enemies who appear from the top part of the screen, and can be shot at by Mr. Papi (by touching the screen). The shots Mr. Papi has are limited, but can be increased by eating hamburgers. If an enemy touches Mr. Papi, he is flicked away and may fall, causing a loss of the game The top 100 high scores of the week as well as of the last 100 games are tracked online. They have recently added a lot more levels like: right, trampoline, down, right enemy, colors, enemy 2, and fall+ enemy 2. This game is the first game made in sunglasses games.[4]

While PapiJump is available for free download, a newer PapiJump Plus was later released for a cost of 99 cents USD. This deluxe version featured new level types, background colors, and the much requested feature of local high score tracking.


Using the built-in accelerometer, the player directs Mr. Papi down a stream, avoiding the jagged walls. The high scores of the week as well as of the last 100 games are tracked online. Available for free download.


Using the touch screen, the player balances Mr. Papi on a pole, avoiding falling objects. Falling hamburgers give the player a bonus of 50 points. The high scores of the week as well as of the last 100 games are tracked online. Also available for free download.

PapiJump Cave[edit]

You must go into the Cave of Hamburgers because Mr. Papi is hungry. You must also avoid spiky balls and jump on Green Stone Men. It is a game with 25 levels and is similar to Super Mario Bros.. The price is 99¢, and it is available on the iTunes iOS App Store.


Using the touch screen, the player controls three stations which he/she must defend from falling missiles. Each station houses a Mr. Papi which can be launched at the missiles to destroy them. Gold missiles take two hits to destroy, and players can earn more points by hitting multiple points with one Mr. Papi. Occasionally the opportunity to reclaim a station occurs when they fly across the screen. If they are hit by a Mr. Papi, one of the stations is restored. The high scores of the week as well as of the last 100 games are tracked online. Also available for free download, but there is a "plus" version available that has many more levels. PapiMissle Plus is $0.99.

PapiJump Land[edit]

This is one of Sunflat's longer games, with 30 levels in all. In this game, Mr. Papi jumps throughout a course with a varying amount of hamburgers scattered around the course, that you must jump on to advance to the next level. Mr. Papi never stops jumping, but to control what direction he jumps in you must use the accelerometer. Tilt your device forward to make him jump forward and faster and tilt your device backward to make Mr. Papi jump slower and backward.


In this game, a player must collect flying potatoes by clicking on one of three pots to make them jump. if you accidentally eat a blue potato, that pot goes away and must be revived with a heart. Available for free on Apple's app store.


In this game, Mr. Papi rolls down a hill and you must tap the screen to make Mr. Papi jump over or through walls placed randomly throughout the course Mr. Papi is rolling down. If you hit a wall, the game ends.


The player is to touch the screen to fire balls at Mr. Papi who is blown up like a balloon. Mr. Papi will move when struck with the balls. The goal is to collect all of the hamburgers in each level. There are 30 levels.


This game is exactly like SFCave by Sunflat for the computer. It is a one-key 2D sidescroller. A plus version, 3D SFCave, is also available for the iPhone/iPod touch for $0.99 USD.


Tap the batter for swing. You should hit a ball timely to get more score. When a ball comes over the batter, tap the area above the batter for JUMP SWING.

If you miss a ball, you get an OUT. When you record three outs, the game is over.


You control Mr. Papi (red ball guy) to go up higher. Click/tap anywhere to jump. Platforms are moving left or right automatically, and you should jump timely to land on the next platform. - The left side of the screen is connected with the right side. - If he falls down, the game is over. - Platforms are big in the beginning. Their width decreases when you jump up higher.


Oranges attack Mr. Papi by shooting orange balls. Mr. Papi must avoid and shoot them.


A stickman must time his jump to land on a safe platform. Fall 3 times and the game is over.


Missiles are attacking the Papi Tower. Shoot Mr. Papi to destroy the missiles. Each time a missile hits the Papi Tower, a barrier is lost. Shoot a heart to get another barrier.


Mr. Papi drives in a car (using the accelerometer) to get more hamburgers. Each one is worth 100 points. He must also avoid the jagged sides of the road to avoid being pushed down, or else he gets a Game Over.


Mr. Papi is being attacked by blue spiky aliens and must fend them off using a spiky ball dangling from an elastic band. He has three lives and he loses a life every time an alien comes into contact with Mr. Papi.


Mr. Papi is trapped in a green maze of blocks, the player must try to survive for as long as possible. Life is displayed on a red bar on the top of the screen, and when it is empty the game is over, but you can stop this from happening by eating the burgers placed at random locations in the maze. As you play, the game gets harder as more green blocks spawn in random places, cutting Mr. Papi off from his burgers. Luckily you can tap the 'bomb' button in the lower right corner of the screen to blow up the nearest blocks surrounding Mr. Papi.


Blocks fall from the sky. The player must control a pad to navigate Mr. Papi and destroy the falling blocks.


Like Flappy Bird except instead of a bird, you control Mr. Papi


The newest game by Sunflat, you try to dodge yellow enemies, and make them hit bombs to get points!