Sunflower Slow Drag

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Sunflower Slow Drag
by Scott Joplin and Scott Hayden
Genre Ragtime
Form Rag Time Two Step
Published 1901 (1901)
Publisher John Stark & Son
Instrument: Piano Solo

"Sunflower Slow Drag" is a ragtime composition by Scott Joplin and Scott Hayden. It is about four minutes long and has been described as "full of gaiety and sunshine".[1]

Musical structure[edit]

Intro A A B B A Trio-Intro C C D D

While Joplin's name was given top billing, Jasen and Tichenor assert that everything except the trio was primarily Hayden's work. The trio, attributed to Joplin, is distinguished by its softer dynamics, pentatonic emphasis, and broader range.[2]

Publication history[edit]

The copyright was registered March 18, 1901. The piece was originally published by John Stillwell Stark, who advertised it as "the twin sister of Maple Leaf". Stark also reported that the trio was written during Joplin's courtship of Belle Hayden, his first wife, who was also Scott Hayden's sister-in-law,[2] his brother's widow.[1]

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