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Origin London, England
Genres Folkpsychedelic folk
Years active 1969-1973
Labels Decca, Deram, Nova series
Past members Erika Eigen
Freya Hogue
Terry Tucker

Sunforest was a short-lived English psychedelic folk trio formed in 1969 by Terry Tucker, Erika Eigen and Freya Hogue. They have recorded only one studio album, Sound of Sunforest under the Decca Records label. They are best known for their instrumental musical piece "Overture to the Sun" and their song "Lighthouse Keeper", which were both featured in the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange.


The history of the band is quite a mystery, and only a small amount of information is known about the trio.[1] However, the print liner notes of their album and the personal website of Terry Tucker provide together some accuracy.

The history of Sunforest began in Washington DC, in the late 60's. Terry Tucker and Freya Hogue knew each other already: Freya would write poems and Terry would adapt them into music. At a party, they met Erika, with who they would improvise and write songs.[2]

On Freya's initiative, and since they thought they had composed enough to perform on stage, the three musicians decided to travel towards Europe. In 1969, they moved in London, in mind to take part in the London music scene. That's when they chose to take the name "Sunforest".[2] A night soon after, they met Vic Coppersmith-Heaven (Vic Smith), a representative of Decca Records, who wanted to hear their music. The same night they recorded a demo, and two weeks later, Vic Smith became their manager for the recording of what would be their only album: Sound of Sunforest.[1][3]

Afterwards, Stanley Kubrick, who wanted to include two pieces of the band into the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange, asked for "Overture to the sun" to be recorded again. Terry changed the arrangement, and that is the version that was used in the movie, along with "Lighthouse keeper".[4][5]

Then, starting from 1970, the band mostly performed on stage, in the Marquee Club,[2][6] in the One World Club, in the crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, in the Roundhouse and in The Troubadour, as well as in Italy.[2] This lasted for about 3 years.[7] Then, after Erika left, the trio dissolved.[2]


Terry Ann Tucker[a 1] (vocals, piano, Pump organ, Harpsichord and Hammond organ) has a diploma from the liberal arts college of West Virginia Wesleyan. This is where she discovered her love for early music and renaissance music.[8][3]

Freya Lynn Hogue (vocals, classical guitar, banjo) studied classical guitar with Sophocles Papas.[8][3]

Erika Melita Eigen (vocals, percussions) has no specific musical education. She drew the illustration on the sleeve of Sound of Sunforest.[8][3]

Music style[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Sound of Sunforest § musical style.

Footnotes and references[edit]


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