Sungkonghoe University

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Sungkonghoe University
Sungkonghoe University Emblem.jpg
Former names
St. Michael Theological School
Motto 열림, 섬김, 나눔[1]
Motto in English
Openness, Service, Sharing
Type Private
Established 1914 (Saint Michael's Theological School)
1994 (reorganized as a University)
Affiliation Anglican
President Rev. Dr. Augustine Jungku Lee
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 3,090
Postgraduates 447
Location Guro, Seoul, South Korea
Campus 39,431m²
Sungkonghoe University
Hangul 성공회대학교
Revised Romanization Seonggonghoe Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Sŏnggonghoe Taehakkyo

Sungkonghoe University (literally Anglican Church University) is a prestigious Anglican institution of higher education in South Korea.


Origins (1914 - 1960)[edit]

St. Michael's Seminary was founded in 1914 laying the groundwork for what would become, in 1994, Sungkonghoe University. The current rector is the Rev. KwonSeok Yang, an Anglican priest and a theologian.

  • April 1914 - School opens under the name of St. Michael's Theological School in Ganghwa, Incheon.
  • May 1921 - Moves from Ganghwa to Incheon.
  • March 1940 - Political oppression results in forced closure of the Shrine by Japanese police.
  • April 1952 - School moves from Incheon to Cheongju.

Development (1961 - 1994)[edit]

  • September 1961 - Moves to Hangdong, Guro, Seoul (present location).
  • March 1982 reorganizes as Cheonsin Theological seminary (four-year course of studies).
  • February 1992 - Permission granted to raise status to Sungkonghoe Theological Seminary.

Expansion (1994 - Present)[edit]

The school has been an active member of CUAC (Colleges and Universities of Anglican Communion) since it joined in 1995. In 1999 it became a member of the Democracy Consortium of Universities with Sang-ji University and Han-shin University in 1999.

  • September 1994 - Name changed from Sungkonghoe Theological Seminary to Sungkonghoe University.
  • April 2000 - pro-democracy movement Library opened.
  • October 2010 - Theological building construction complete.

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