Sungun copper mine

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Sungun copper mine
SungunMine in winter.jpg
Sungun copper mine is located in Iran
Sungun copper mine
Sungun copper mine
Province East Azerbaijan
Country Iran
Coordinates 38°42′04″N 46°42′18″E / 38.701°N 46.705°E / 38.701; 46.705Coordinates: 38°42′04″N 46°42′18″E / 38.701°N 46.705°E / 38.701; 46.705
Type Copper

The Sungun copper mine is located in East Azarbaijan, Iran, in Varzaqan county, 75 km north west of the provincial town of Ahar. It is the most important geologic and industrial feature in the area and is the largest open-cast copper mine in Iran and is in the primary stages of extraction.

The reserves are estimated to be as much as 995 million tons of copper ore. The ore is processed directly at a concentration plant at the mine. The capacity of the concentration plant is 170,000 tons of copper concentrates, with plans to expand to 300,000 tons.


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