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Recumbent stone flanked by two uprights at Sunhoney

Sunhoney is a stone circle of the recumbent type, which is common in the Grampian region, in particular at the River Dee. Sunhoney is situated about 2 km west of Echt in Aberdeenshire.

The diameter is about 25 m and is formed by 11 Stone of red granite or gneiss. When looking above the laying stone of grey granite the horizon of the hills to the south can be seen. The laying stone seems to have tumbled, its surface is covered with 31 cup marks, thought to be markers of where the major standstill moon rises or sets.[1] Inside the circle is a ring cairn, which was added later. At the excavation in 1865 remains of cremations were discovered. Another recumbent stone circle is about 2 km to the west, near the church of Midmar Kirk.


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Coordinates: 57°08′29″N 2°28′16″W / 57.14139°N 2.47111°W / 57.14139; -2.47111