Sunil Perera

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Sunil Perera
Birth name Sunil Perera
Genres Sri Lankan Baila
Occupation(s) Vocalist, Songwriter, Composer
Instruments Bass guitar, Vocals
Years active 1969 - Present
Labels Gypsy Enterprises, Torana
Associated acts Gypsies

Sunil Perera (born 14 September 1952) is a Sri Lankan vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and composer . He is the leader and the lead vocalist of the popular Sri Lankan band, Gypsies.

Early life[edit]

Born in 1952 Sunil Perera completed his education at St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa and St. Peter’s College, Colombo. He was a member of the school band.[1]


In 1969 as soon as he left school, Sunil joined the band The Gypsies. The band was formed in 1969 by his father, Anton Perera, a confectioner at the Glucorasa company.[citation needed]

Sunil Perera was the main vocalist of the band. Their first hit Linda Langa Sangamaya was released in 1972/1973. Other tracks sung by Sunil Perera include, None Mage Sudu None (1977), Lunu Dehi (1987), Kurumitto, Oye Ojaye (1989),[2] Pity Kotapan None and Signore (1997).[citation needed]

Sunil remains one of the most famous singers in the country,[3] while his band Gypsies remains one of Sri Lanka’s biggest musical franchise for the past three decades, with regular foreign tours, several hit albums and sold-out concerts.[2]

Sunil Perera's recent works such as I don't know Why addresses mere sociopolitical issues through humor. Several of his songs have been banned by the state media.[2]


Sunil Perera recently came up with his own ideology about the sociopolitical situation in the country. He is highly critical towards Sri Lankan society and politics.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Sunil is married to Geetha Kulatunga[4] and has two sons and two daughters. He also has grandchildren.[1]


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