Sunil Sivanand

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Sunil Sivanand
Sunil Sivanand.JPG
Born November 7, 1953
Kerala, India
Occupation Entrepreneur, Information Technology Specialist, Solution Inventor
Spouse(s) Suja Sreedharan Sivanand
Children Three

Sunil Sivanand is the co-founder, Chief Technology Architect and Managing Director of Acette Technologies, a system integration and consulting firm operating across the Middle East region. Acette is a leading solutions provider in the mobile banking, cryptography and banking technology space.

IBM PC 5150; model used for building the first Aramaic word processor.

He was engaged by a group of individuals working worldwide to preserve and revive the Aramaic language. Sunil did most of the character generation and programming work on a first generation twin disk drive IBM PC. The project was sponsored by Daniel Benjamin, who was member of the senior management of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Career summary[edit]

Sunil Sivanand is an alumnus of both the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay from where he took his master's degree in computer science. Also an alumnus of Union Christian College, Alwaye, from where he graduated in Physics; and the London Business School where he has undergone the Senior Executive Management programme.

Sunil started his professional career with Air India and moved to work in Kuwait in 1981 for Kuwait National Petroleum Company. For over 9 years since 1992 he was Head of Information Technology at the The National Bank of Oman, before he co-founded Acette Technologies, now headquartered in Dubai Internet City.

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