Sunkist Park, Culver City, California

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Signage for Sunkist Park neighborhood.

Sunkist Park (also called El Marino) is a neighborhood of Culver City, California that is bounded by Ballona Creek, Sepulveda Boulevard, Jefferson Boulevard and Playa Street.[1]

It sits near the 405-90 interchange in the southwestern section of the city, near the Playa Vista, Del Rey, and Mar Vista neighborhoods of Los Angeles, as well as unincorporated Marina del Rey.[1]

In 1949, the Overland-Mesmer Annexation was added to Culver City; it was the area surrounding El Marino School.[1]


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Coordinates: 33°59′35″N 118°23′56″W / 33.993°N 118.399°W / 33.993; -118.399