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Sunlong Bus
Founded13 April 2001[1]
WebsiteSunlong Bus

Sunlong Bus (officially Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co., Ltd.[2]), is a Chinese bus manufacturer based in Shanghai. it was established on 13 April 2001 and started export production on 2 February 2004.[3]

==Model s==

Sunlong produced logistics vans, 6-7m minibuses, 8-9m city buses, 8-9m tourist buses, 10-12m city buses and 10-12m tourist buses.


Sunlong SLK5030 front
  • SLK5030 van, based on the fourth generation Toyota HiAce.
  • SLK5031 van, based on the Sokon K05.
  • SLK5032 van


Sunlong Hybrid bus
Sunlong SLK6126 in Pattaya
Sunlong SLK6985 CNG bus in Bangkok


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